Why & How to Disable Gmail’s new artificial intelligence facility

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Why & How to Disable Gmail’s new artificial intelligence facility

Google has provided many features in the redesign of Gmail. Some of these new features have been used by Google’s machine learning algorithms. These algorithms have already provided users with pretidive refill facility in mobile applications.

Internet users. There are some more facilities available. The key artificial intelligence facilities offered by Gmail are as follows. 1) Smart Ripple 2) Smart Compose 3) natjjas 4) High-Priority Notification Read the patterns in your e-mail and find out how you like it, collect information from them and operate on their basis.If you do not need these facilities you can disable them. First of all you can find them here.

1) Smart Ripple: Automatically reproduce words that you have replicated on your existing emails. 2) Smart Compose When you prepare the eMail you will suggest the following words based on the guess. 3) natjjas If you do not rely on the mails sent to you, Google will remind you of the way you do it. 4) High Priority Notification Google finds the most important e-mails and marks them.

How to disable artificial intelligence facilities? While all of the above features can not be disabled, you can disable specific things like Nudges, Smart Compose. To disable Nudges feature, go to the settings area and see the General Tape, which can be found on the Netsjas facility. Since it will run in Gmail, you must disable it if you do not need it. If you want to disable smart compose feature, go to General Tape in the settings area. Then you will find a smart compromise below and choose one of the two options in it. If you do not have suggestions when writing emails, select “Writing Suggestions Off”

No announcements have been made yet to disclose Smart Refill and High Priority Notification facilities. Google has already announced that it will scan e-mails for advertising. Google also scans eMail to protect users from fraud. There are no mechanisms to disable these because they have the facilities to save users from fraud.

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