Why and What Reason For #GoBackModi Trends Top in Twitter

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Why and What Reason For #GoBackModi Trends Top in Twitter:

The Twitter is an online news and social networking service which is used to share messages called as tweets and the keywords with hashtag used by the users tops in the trends.

On 12th April 2018, Thursday hashtag with the name #GoBackModi tops in the Twitter Trends not even in India and also in Worldwide.

Why #GoBackModi:

#GoBackModi hashtag was moving around various tweets by the Twitter users in South India mainly from the state of Tamilnadu of India.

What Reason For #GoBackModi:

The main reason for the #GoBackModi hashtag in Twitter was setting up the Cauvery Management Board CMB delay by the Central Government of India.

Already many protest was going on in the state of Tamilnadu for the Cauvery Management Board CMB issue and at this time Prime Minister Narendra Modi planned visit to Chennai for inauguration ceremony of DefExpo 2018 at Thiruvidanthai near Chennai.

Tweets Related to #GoBackModi:

Shanthi Narayanan‏ @shanthinarayana

Tamil nadu made a benchmark.
Now other subcontinent states, are under pressure.
They are in a position to show their ability of rigidness and fighting power
against RSS & BJP Dominance
Tamil nadu will be happy if anyother (or all other) states cross the benchmark.

corrieten sweety‏ @sweetys_life
#gobackmodi worldtrends

Prosper Well‏ @ProsperwellTha1
Nothing happens!

Praveen P Raj‏ @PraveenPhotog
Well done people of Tamil Nadu.

Tany‏ @Tany150689
#GoBackModi If you willingly to act against Tamilnadu better leave that thought…Just read the History what have happened when Central Govt try to impose HINDI… If you want us to repeat the same history you carry out like the way you are we dont get tired of creating history.

Abhishek Dhakre #RYP‏ @Abhishekasya
Thank You Tamilnadu!
Now let North India learn something from you!

Puratchiyalan,P‏ @pspuratchi
Get out Modi-kedi… never comeback to Tamil Nadu #GoBackModi

Purush88‏ @Purush2488
16. Hindutuva 17. Sanskrit imposition 18. Hindi imposition 19.communal violance 20.Meat ban 21. Taking over university.. App app pa thala ya suthuthu…. Cant recollect all problems… Too much of injustice 2 TN Peoples. #GoBackModi

SIVA‏ @sivaflizzow
#GoBackModi support frm Malaysia for Tamilnadu

Gracekumar‏ @RGracekumar
Hats off Tamil nadu…proud of you #GoBackModi

Sabarish‏ @Sabaris65362415
Worst pm India has ever witnessed #GoBackModi

sasi‏ @sasi71804702
Shane on a PM to not address the people on their issues when he is in the state and running away like a thief!!! Welcome to digital India !!!

Natraj‏ @Natrajfunny
First time in a history the 56″ person got this kind of response more to come for ur character #GoBackModi

Its_Shay‏ @Its___Shay
#GoBackModi the most corrupted politician ever in Indian history…
Love you tamilians

Sivakumar V‏ @sivafeb28
We need CMB #GoBackModi

Prashanth Kommala‏ @Prash746
It’s amazing to see how tamilians fight for thier rights irrespective of politics, Caste Creed and Sex. It’s a lesson for people other states especially for AP how to stand on single agenda when it comes to thier own state issues.
Keep going brothers #GOBACKMODI

Kirti Samant‏ @ktsamant
Holding the current government accountable #GoBackModi – Wake up to the real issues in your country

Saravanan Annadurai‏ @asaravanan21
Photoshop party getting a dose of its own medicine. #GoBackModi

Kader Khan‏ @Kader2810khan
#GoBackModi Get Out

[Mad]hav‏ @tisismadhav
Perfect pik to tell our current scenario.. #GoBackModi

Jayandiran R‏ @Jayandiranr
We are periyar’s brother. Go out of TamilNadu . Come with Cauvery

aravindravi‏ @aravindravi9
#GoBackModi don’t ever come to TN

Azhagu Nagasaravanan
‏ @azhagu_nagasara
Replying to @itisprashanth
More than 250K now. TN & India = #GoBackModi !!.

jayi‏ @jayidas1993
#GoBackModi world trends
How is it.

Nirmaladevi‏ @Nirms1
#GoBackModi don’t pull us to the dark

REUBEN‏ @jesureuben
#GoBackModi Don’t ever in your wildest imagination dare to dream about a BJP government in Tamilnadu modi ji. Our people have shown and gave you what you were silent for. Don’t ever remain silent on cauvery issue for mere political gain.

தமிழ் காவலன்‏ @TamilNaduMan
If you can demonetise 86% of Indian currency overnight, Why cant you setup Cauvery Management Board swiftly? #GoBackModi

R Prakash‏ @Prakashvtc
#GoBackModi You deserved it

Magdalin Prem‏ @magathalin
#GoBackModi we faced Lotz of problems, Tamil nadu don’t need you anymore. Ur the first PM people who hate tis much

MANOBALAN‏ @Manobalan1996
They searching for their supporters….

VIGNESH HARI‏ @VignesHari1
This is Not Just A Tag, This is the Truth #GoBackModi don’t Ever Come Back To Tamilnadu !! We Hate you to the core !!

Anil vedwal‏ @anilvedwal
Tamilians are the strong voice of India and are doing great job #GoBackModi is trending all over the world #GoBackModi

Insaan‏ @ins_aan89
On behalf of entire India (except chaatukar bhakts and boot lickers), I wanna thank the people if #TamilNadu For showing the courage..
#GoBackModi #GoBackCulpritModi #GoBackModi #FckoffModi
He dsrvs it evn much more horrendous thn ths.
Ppl of india shd take der chappals&beat him

Tiny Philip‏ @tiny_philip
Wow.. Twitter is dying with #GoBackModi tweets. I just want to say #GoBackModi

Sandeep M S‏ @Sandeep_m_s_24
What’s the use of having full majority… If you cannot govern the country in proper way… Just leave the post and be a lesson for upcoming young politicians. 🙂 #GoBackModi

Vicky Jadu‏ @JaduVicky
#GoBackModi go back in india

k.n.krishnamoorthy‏ @knkkriz
Support it guys

md musaib‏ @md_musaib