What is Lack in Nagapattinam District Village of Tamil Nadu?

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What is Lack in Nagapattinam District Village of Tamil Nadu?

Is a village without 5 thousand inhabitants is wise men’s choice? However there are even residents up to 1000 in India. This is what the cluster of villages with a central village is a must.

No good is a Nagapattinam village without basic things to sustain and grow. Gandhi’s wisdom should be an exemption nowadays and pitch into technology and medicine of both Western and Indian.

A village needs to thrive only when it commits itself to fundamental matters like health care, hygiene & education.

A village panchayat of Nagapattinam needs to be strong enough as without which a village can’t grow. Panchayat is responsible for taking decisions and use them. It also finances and monitors the financial strength of the village.

There is a role important to Village Co-operatives responsible for the growth of rural sector. Co-operatives credit to the farmers is the most sought thing by the farmers for farming. Almost ninety-seven percent of Indian villages get loans given by its members or government. Because of the mismanagement of the co-ops and lack of motivation the villages go fall. Let us not argue that for now. Women are wanted to take part in village co-operatives in Nagapattinam. The co-operative value has to estimated to its best whether a person building a village single handedly or not.

Power is served to most villages nowadays by the ministry of power. At the same time, solar power is most benefitting one need to look at. It transforms village irrigation and domestic needs so put it on top of it. But solar energy production requires exorbitant funding. If Nagapattinam villages need to live by farming then irrigation needs to work.

Prime Health care is basic necessity of any country and Sri Lanka is best in introducing to its villages. India’s villagers duly depend on health care and medical facilities up to 70%. This should change by deputing 1 or 2 man clinics to start with.

Hygiene, Potable water, and Public toilets are inextricable things in man’s daily life.

Education in India begins in Nagapattinam villages when traced. Overcrowded schools in few villages of Arunachal Pradesh; low attendance in lot of village schools across the state of Bihar, and UP, fall of primary schools in some villages. Expecting parents to send their children to schools is their mindset.

Infrastructure & roads accessibility to urban places and Nagapattinam villages needs to be done. A village without online activities can’t stand as a window to the world.

Banks & Post office of the central government will soon have the Indian Post Payment Bank effects enough impact on villages when it is operated next year.

India will soon have 5000 ATMs from the Indian postal department across the villages in the country. The scheme ayushman bharat of 3rd party insurance from the bank end will facilitated soon. IPPB serves as best online tool to pay central & state govt. dues and fees of educational institutions. A village will transform its business execution mode with such a facility soon.

Nagapattinam Villages ready to face the immense problems they face through the commitment from state and central government level.

If caste system is the strongest barrier to break, villages should be ready.
Throw a stone and get into the neighboring village this is in fact the villages in India. A ghetto village is one such whose citizens are shielded from using basic needs from the company villages. One can’t step in even, so a detour is made to go to other place. The social activities of the hindus in Hindu temples are barred to the villagers of the ghetto village.


  • The village panchayat adopts a holistic aim on lot of tasks joining with community groups in charge for dynamic aspects of the Nagapattinam village economy and social development.
  • The community-based units in the name of women’s thrift groups, youth clubs, and milk dairy society are to be emphasized.
  • The village panchayat focus fully on family planning and reforestation. Many awareness programs and necessary drives were constantly organized.
  • The village gram sabha started a watershed growth program. The village analyzes the annual water audit to make more efficient and equitable management of water resources.
  • Achalpuram Melanallur
    Agani Melaparuthikudi
    Agaraelathur Mozhaiyur
    Agarakkirangudi Mudhalaimedu
    Agaraperunthottam Mudikandanallur
    Agaravattaram Murugamangalam
    Alakkudy Muvalur
    Alalasundram Nakkambadi
    Alangadu Nallanayakipuram
    Alangudi Nallathukudi
    Alaveli Nallavur
    Anaimelagaram Namasivayapuram
    Ananthanallur Nangur
    Anathandavapuram Natham
    Arapallam Nemmeli
    Arasur Neppathur
    Ariyalur Nidur
    Arpakkam Odhavanthangudy
    Arulmolithevan Olayampudur
    Aruvappadi Pachaiperumanallur
    Asikkadu Pagasalai
    Athiyur Palaiyur
    Attur Palayagudalure
    Budangudi Palayapalayam
    Dharmadanapuram Pandaravadai
    Edakudivasapathy I Pandaravadaimappadugai
    Edamanal Pandur
    Elanthoppu Pannangudy
    Elumagalur Pattamangalam
    Erukkur Pattavarthi
    Gangadharapuram Peravur
    Gopalasamuthiram Perumalkoil
    Inam Senniyanallur Perumangalam
    Inam Tiruvalangadu Peruncheri
    Ivanallur Perunthottam – II
    Kadalangudi Perunthottam I
    Kadambakkam Ponmasanallur
    Kadavasal Ponnur
    Kadhiramangalam Porumbur
    Kaduvangudi Pudupattinam
    Kali -I Puduthurai
    Kali II Bit Puliyanthurai
    Kanganamputhur Punganur
    Kanjuvoy Puthur
    Kannapiranadi Radhanallur
    Kanniyakudi Sattanathapuram
    Kappur Semangalam
    Karaimedu Sembathaniruppu
    Karkoil Semmangudy
    Karuppur Sengudi
    Kathiruppu Senniayanallur
    Kattur Serudiyur
    Kazhanivasal Serugudy
    Keelaiyur Sethur
    Keelamarudandanallur Sholampettai
    Keelamathur Siddamalli
    Keelasattanathapuram Sirkali
    Kesingan Sitharkadu
    Kilaparuthikudi Sivanaragaram
    Kiloy Sothiyakudi
    Kodangudi Srikantapuram
    Kodimangalam Talainayar
    Kokkur Talainayar II Bit
    Komal – East Thalancheri
    Komal – West Thandavankulam
    Kondal Thathangudi
    Kondathur Thennampattiam
    Konerirajapuram I Bit Thillaividangan
    Konerirajapuram II Bit Thiruindalur
    Koothiyampettai Thirukkarukavur
    Korukkai Thirumailadi
    Kothangudi Thirumangalam
    Kovangudi Thirumannancheri
    Kozhaiyur Thirumullaivasal
    Kshetrapalapuram Thirunagiri
    Kulichar Thirunelkondacheri
    Kunnam Thiruppangur
    Kurichi Thiruvalaputhur
    Kuthalam Thiruvaly
    Madhanam Thiruvengadu
    Madhirimangalam Thittai
    Madiravelur Tholuthalangudi
    Maharajapuram Thulasenthirapuram
    Mahendrapalli Tiruchitrambalam
    Manakkudi Tiruvaduthurai
    Manalmedu Tiruvalangadu
    Mandai Uluthakuppai
    Mangaimadam Umayalpathy
    Manganallur Vadarengam
    Manigramam Vaitheeswarankoil
    Mannampandal Valluvakudi
    Maraiyur Valuvur
    Marudhangudy Vanadirajapuram
    Maruthur Vanagiri
    Mayiladuthurai Varadampattu
    Mekkirimangalam Varisaipathuvadagal
    Melagalangam Vellalar agaram
    Melaiyur Vettangudy
    Villandhidasa Samuthiram


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