What Does Salem District Villagers Want to Develop?

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It is only wise men have dictates a proper Salem village should comprise 5000 occupants. In country like India many villages give dwelling to 1000 inhabitants. Which means a collection of villages with a pivot village is needed.

To comfort itself and grow the village should ensure of certain basics. Thus, we have to fly away from the concentrated wisdom of Gandhi and find truth in technology and medicine including both Western and Indian.

A Salem village vision accomplishes when and only if there is a commitment to important things like hospitality, hygiene and higher studies.

If there is no strong panchayat which is the most moral then the village can’t grow. It is must to choose decisions and achieve them. This is that section of the village watches the economic and the financial strength of the village.

Village Co-operatives Salem or Co-operative societies has an important work in the upscale of rural area. It is co-operatives that credit to the farmers, the most required necessity in the farming. Nearly ninety-seven percentage of the Indian villages is covered giving credits with which few operated by its members and few by the respective government: There are co-ops mismanaged and missing motivation. That need not be an argument at all against them. More women participation in village co-operatives is invited. So the person wanting to have a village single-handedly shouldn’t miss the value of co-operatives.

Power & Water in Salem. The recent power ministry is fully electrifying lot of villages than one had looking forward. But all we required is the solar power for rural areas. It can even alter villages in fields of irrigation & local needs. Irrigation should have priority that will filter out indoor wants. Village reform by farming for which the irrigation should works so that the farming will boom.

Health care is what basic health care is fully adopted by Sri Lanka. The country like India has completely absent in make available such health care and medical facilities. It is well known that 60-70% of Salem villagers are openly dependent on side by town for basic medication. Villages need at least one to two man dispensaries to debut with, scaling to mid size hospitals

Hygiene, Potable water, and Public toilets are must in case of a toilet for each accommodation. Both Health and hygiene are not an exemption.

Indian education and illiteracy can be chased only to its villages. Heavily enrolled schools can be found in few villages of Arunachal Pradesh; likewise little attendance in several village schools in the state of Bihar, and UP. There are even short of primary schools in certain villages. It’s usually impossible to invite parents to insert their children to schools.

Infrastructure is all road accessibility to populated places as well as to other villages in Salem. Making the village available for online activities through the internet becomes window to the world.

Banks & Post office are functioned by the central government decision in setting up the Indian Post Payment Bank so as to give substantial impact on villages which is to start by coming year.

India Post is gearing to depute 5,000 A.T.M.s all across the country. Additionally, it is set up third party insurance and other bank services. India Post Payment Bank is will make easy remitting central and state governments and municipal dues and fees of educational institutions. If such a facility is felicitated in a village in Salem then a radical change of business will happen soon.

In the course, there are large requirements and maximum problems to face. The state and central government should meet commitments. It is not just a single man can do rather than a determined man who can do things moving.

Caste barrier is the biggest barriers to crack.

Only in India, there are small villages that can be reached just by throwing stone distance. These villages are called ghetto. Ghetto can’t even use least amenities of the neighbor village. Even there is no entry to thorough fare to go to other place. The social activities of Hindu are happens at the focal point of Hindu temple and are blocked to the residents of the ghetto village.

Is this a model village?

  • The Salem village panchayat agreed for a holistic view on a many activities, with few community groups took in charge for dynamic aspects of the village economy and socio development.
  • Emphasis on community-based groups like female’s thrift groups, milk-dairy society and youth clubs.
  • The Salem village panchayat also centered on family planning & reforestation. There held many awareness displays and drives were often organized.
  • The village gram sabha started a watershed growth event. The water resources are used more efficiently and equitably managed through annual water audit held.
  • The project that incurr a buck or two is done for trouble only. Those smells like federal or state funding and that should earn few very ambitious guys. The costs will change state wise with few states gives full backing.

Villagers of following have shown signs of above necessities:

Adaiyur M.Cheetipatti
Agraharam Talaiyur M.Kallipatti
Aiveli Mailapalaiyam
Alagusamudram Mallikudam
Alamarathupatti Mallikuttai
Alathur Mallikuttappatti
Amarakundhi Manathal
Amaram Manathal Nallakavundampatti
Anaigoundampatti Manguppai
Annadanapatti Manjakalpatti
Aranganur Marakkottai
Arasiramani Mecheri
Ariyampatti Mettur
Arurpatti Mookanur
Avadattur Morur
Avaniperur(East) Mulakkadu
Avarangampalayam Mungilpadi
Balakki Muthunaickenpatti
Banapuram Naduppatti
Bukkampatti Naduvaneri
Chellapillaikuttai Nangavalli
Chettimankurichi Naranampalayam
Chinnakavundanur Navappatti
Chinnasattappadi Nedungulam
Chinnasoragai Olaipatti
Chittur Olakkachinnanur
Collappatti Omalur
Dadapuram P.N.Patti
Danishpet Pachanampatti
Darapuram Pagalpatti
Dasagappatti Pakkanadu
Dasagasamudram Pakkanadu R.F.
Deevattipatti Palamalai
Desavilakku Palappallikombai
Devanakavandanur Pallipatti
Dinnappatti Panikkanur
Doramangalam Panjakalipatti
Edaganasalai Pannapatti
Edappadi Pappambadi
Egapuram Periyasattappadi
Elathur Periyasoragai
Eranapuram Periyerippatti
Erumaipatti Poolampatti
Ettikuttapatti Poosaripatti
Gedikaval Pottaneri
Gobinathapuram Pottipuram
Gonur Puchampatti
Gudalur Puduppalayam
Gundikkal Pudur
Guttapatti Puliyampatti
Idaiyapatti Pullakkavundampatti
Idupali Pullakkavundampatti Agraharam
Illavampatti Ramireddipatti
Irugalur Reddipatti
Irugalur Pudupalayam Sakkarachettipatti
Jagadevampatti Samballi
Jalakandapuram Saminayakkanpatti
Kachchippalli Samudram
Kadayampatti Sangitapatti
Kalikavundanpalayam Sankari
Kamalapuram Sanniyasipatti Ag.
Kaminaickanpatti. Sekkarapatti
Kanagagiri Selavadi
Kanavoipudur Sellappampatti
Kandarakulamanickam Semmandapatti
Kaniyeri R.F. Sikkampatti
Kanjanayachanpatti Sikkanampatti
Kannamuchi Singiripatti
Kannanderi Sungidivarathampatti
Karikkapatti Sungudivaradampatti
Karukkalvadi Surappalli
Karuppanampatti T.Konagapadi
Karuppur T.Maramangalam
Karuvattuparai R.F. Tangayur
Kattagoundampatti Teppakkutai
Kattaperiyampatti Tettigiripatti
Katteri Tharamangalam
Kaveripatti Thathayampatti
Kaveripatti Agraharam Thathayangarpatti
Kaveripuram Thenkkampatti
Kodunaickenpatty pudur Thevur
Kolanayakkanpatti Tholasampatti
Kolathur Thondumaniyam
Konasamudram Tindamangalam
Koneripatti Tumbipadi
Koneripatti Ag. Umbilikamaramangalam
Konganapuram Uthupalayam
Kongupatti Vanavasi
Kookuttapatti Vedappatti
Koonandiyur Veerakkalpudur
Koppam Vellakkalpatti
Koppampatti Vellalapatti
Koranampatti Vellalapuram
Kottaimettupatti Vellar
Kottavarudampatti Vellarivalli
Kullamanickenpatti Vembaneri
Kurubapatti Veppilai
Kurukkapatti Virakkal
Lakkampatti Virudasampatti
Lokkur R.F. Yerimalai R.F.

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