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West Bengal Villages

At the time of Partition, Bengal was divided into East and West Bengal. East Bengal turned as the eastern wing of Pakistan and later, with the disintegration of that nation, Bangladesh. West Bengal started as a state of India with Kolkata as its capital. The state is ling and narrow, operating from the delta of the Ganges River system at the Bay of Bengal in the south to the heights of the Himalaya at Darjeeling in the north.

There is not a high deal of interest in the state apart from these 2 extremes Kolkata, with its bewildering maelstrom of noise, tradition, confusion and squalor at one end and Darjeeling, serene & calm, at the other.

Outside these 2 venues the intrepid traveler will get a number of places to consider seeing, either south of Kolkata on the Bay of Bengal or north along the way to Darjeeling. Some foreign tourists visit the government mosques of Malda, the palaces of Murshidabad, the temples of Vishnupur of the Sunderbans Wildlife Sanctuary. If you make, the friendly Bengalis will have you feel all the more invitation for being an exception to the rule.

After 1947, the merger of native settlement started which ceased with its final restructuring in the year 1956 when few Bengali speaking areas of a annexing state were transformed to west Bengal.