UIDAI To Start Aadhaar Face Authentication From July 2018

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UIDAI has fixed to start facial recognition for Aadhaar for citizen encountering problems with other forms of biometric verification such as fingerprint & iris scanning.

The fresh feature is anticipated to be made available in fusion mode – that is, with prevailing means of authentication on registered equipments by 1.7.2018. Particularly, the newly added feature will be permitted only when combined with “one extra authentication factor”, such as fingerprint, iris or OTP.

The aadhaar recognition will be made available along with already featuring methds of authentication—fingerprint, iris or 1-time password, OTP. To make this possible, UIDAI will associate with biometric device providers to have face modality into the certified registered devices.

UIDAI is scheduled to release essential information to materialize the facility by 1st March 2018. The Authentication User Agencies (AUAs) companies involved in serving Aadhaar-enabled services—have been advised to do requisite alterations in their servers to make the encrypted authentication input.

“This provision is planning to aid in inclusive authentication of those who are unable to biometrically recognize because of their improper fingerprints, old age or hard work situations. The fresh method will also be let “on need basis”. The (Aadhaar) system has finger print and iris placed in safe & secure encrypted form which is unbreakable even if it tried billion times.

UIDAI recently commenced a sixteen-digit ‘Virtual ID’+ to approach privacy concerns. The ‘Virtual ID’ can be made from the official website and be surrended for different causes, comprising SIM checking, inlieu of parting the actual twelve-digit biometric ID.

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