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Tripura Villages

Tripura was added to the Indian Union in the year 1949. This old land of Tripura Tourist Attraction sterious past is situated in the north-eastern region of India between 22.56 and 24”.32′ North latitude and 92″09′ and 92″20′ east longitude and is bordered on the north west south and south east by the international boundary of Bangladesh. In the east it has a general boundary with Assam and Mizoraam. Sixty-nine of the total area eco-friendly envirnoment and pleasant climate of this panaromic small state with an area of over 10,500 sq. kms. is inhabited widely by nineteen tribes, Manipuri, Bengali, and other communities.

Tripura shows a composite culture with many ethnic groups residing in the state. Though the cultural heritage of one community varies from the other, the manifaceted hard efforts have mixed them into a one whole, giving birth to an exclusive cultural genre. Tripura can be termed as a ‘laboratory’ of exotic cultural synthesis.

Treating the proximity of Tripura with Bangladesh, it is more easy for overseas countries to jump Tripura through Bangladesh with an appropriate visa. Those internationals coming to Dacca or other cities of Bangladesh might arrive to Agartala through Akhaura border check-post. Likewise, foreign tourists arriving to Tripura by other routes may go back to Bangladesh via this route. If tourist’s routing through this route intimate the State’s Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism Department in advance, either in writing or over the phone, essential arrangements in this regard can be done. The travel time by road between Dacca and Agartala is about three hours.