Three Super Tips for Smartphone to Dashboard Mount!

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Three Super Tips for Smartphone to Dashboard Mount!

The use of the mobile phone while driving is equal to our life. However, driving a car will be forced to use the smartphone to track the desired songs and watch the maps.

not be used without the need to take a risk. To overcome this issue, Super Trick is mounted on your phone in the dashboard or windshield. Do not pay more attention to the mobile phone when doing this, be careful on the road and make mobile sets ashalt.

International Windshield and Dashboard Mountains: You have passed various devices that offer such applications: Suck-cup or Adhesive Mountains keep your phone in a safe place. Now you need to be careful about choosing the windshield you need. When using sack-cups, suddenly when you go back to curve or return to sharp curves, there are more opportunities to dump on mobile dashboard. It will not be convenient to use long-necked windshield mounts. When it’s having a large screen of mobile phones, you can get the idea of ​​why you bought it. Before exploring the Dashboard Mount, you need to look for such features. Mounting crystals such as Springfield can carry any mobile phones, and the Quick-release button is often convenient to take off.

CD-slot Mountains: If your car has a CD player, you can change its slot into a mounting point. However, this is where your CD player is. For example, if the Cd Player is mounted under a dashboard, it can not be used frequently or easily. In doing so, there are more opportunities to prevent the car’s radio controls. If you think the CT Mount will be a great way, there are two options for cradle and magnet. The mobile pony can be used very well by the cradle made by iWow Mount Springing. Especially when doing so, CDs will continue to run. The price of the iBoot device is fixed at $ 12.89.

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