Ten tricks that you do not know on the OnePlus 6 smartphone!

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Ten tricks that you do not know on the OnePlus 6 smartphone!

On the company’s latest flagship smartphone, OnPlus 6 has been well received in sales. It has been designed to trigger smartphone purchases, including the most affordable features, including sophisticated software.

You can select or erase the Battery Meter with a circular shape on the Oneplus 6 smartphone. This is enough to make a floating stats bar. Sets – Statet Bar – Battery should go to the style options. Here you can select or delete the features you need in the statistics bar.

These features are also available on the new Android 6 smartphone, as the company already has features of Jestore-based navigation in the Oneplus smartphones. That way, you can use gestures without using only the smartphone’s navigation buttons. This is to select the last feature of the Settings – Buttons – Navigation Bar & Gestures option.

You can choose your favorite features in the settings of the Oneplus 6 smartphone’s Settings – Buttons option to set various additional features for regular navigation buttons.

Do not mess with the Jester Navy. On the OnePlus Sets menu, offers the settings of the Setup Options to set up the gestures. In gesture sets, tap twice to tap the pone and swipe on the screen with three fingers to make a screenshot. It can be run on the settings – gestures options.

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