Telangana Villages

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Telangana Villages

Telangana is a famous spot for travellers not only from around the nation, but also from across the globe. The rich cultural heritage and the exclusive diversity presented by the state is a novel selling point.

There are inspiring numbers of tourists thronging the state where they can feel the rich cultural heritage and the exquisite historic hidden treasures, which is a credential to the Telangana state. In order to cater the wants of the tourists better, the tourism dept. has deployed an efficient network of tourist buses. The services rendered by Telangana Tourism are of highest popular standards, having in mind the safety and ease of travellers, with a concentrate on dispatching the feel of luxury!

The Transport Vehicles of Telangana Tourism are Reliable, Safe, Clean, Travel-friendly, Well-maintained, and Duly Furnished.

The Tourism buses are well repaired where all the standard road safety measures are duly adapted.

The transport vehicles of Telangana Tourism provide a stress-free travel experience to all the tourists. Our drivers are well taught to deal heavy vehicle flow and rough ghat roads. They are well trained to steer the hairpin bends of road as they undergo timely training where they are exclusively instructed about road safety, giving maximum comfort for the tourists, who are the much-respected guests for the state.

In addition, Telangana Tourism knows that wheeling through long distances and for more hours is tiresome for the driver. having this in mind, we appoint 2 drivers for each 350 kilometers. Because of the highest priority given by the Tourism department for its safe driving practices, the drivers tend to be even more precaution to have up with the reputation.

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