Tamil Nadu District Villages Development Seekers – Village Will Age Until Villagers Caged

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Villages are pillars of Indian GDP and it’s not a simple statement rather than a reality. It is all because many of the people preside by villages in India. A headcount of about 72.2% of the population resides in 6.5 lakhs villages i.e., 834 mn. people. When a village develops ultimately the country develops and the only way for the growth is through aggresive education.

In order to have education poured in the brain, the alcoholic filled mind needs to be emptied by banning liquor in village temporarily for at least a decade. Therefore to place the village in right track. It is reported that nearly 80% of India’ population is addict to whisky and deserves as largest consumer in the world and of course the villagers are the most.

Now lets find here what the state of Tamil Nadu district villages has to say for the developments of a smart Village

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