Swine Flu State Wise Cases in India Vaccination and Screening Center

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Swine Flu State Wise Cases in India Vaccination and Screening Center:

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About Swine Flu:

The swine flu is also called by various names like Swine influenza, pig influenza, hog flu and pig flu which is an infection caused several types of swine influenza viruses.

Treatment for Swine Flu:

A Person found with the swine flu must be provided with the antiviral drugs which can cause the illness milder and make the affected patient feel better faster.

Swine Flu in Rajasthan:

About 80 persons had been found with the positive test of Swine flu in the state of Rajasthan so for as per the report from the Health Department officials.

Swine Flu in Gujarat:

The Health Commissioner of Gujarat state J P Gupta had reported that around 22 people died due to Swine Flu in the state of Gujarat and up to 170 H1N1 cases had been reported.

Swine Flu in Haryana:

Ram Niwas Haryana’s additional chief secretary (Health) had reported that 7 people had died due to swine flu in the state of Haryana and about 40 patients tested positive for the HINI virus.

Swine Flu in Telangana:

The Director of state-run NIMS L Narendranath had reported that in the state of Telangana 25 patients had died due to HINI virus and also added to his statement that 1156 samples had been tested and 414 people had been found positive with swine flu HINI virus.


Swine Flu Vaccination and Screening Center:

The Peoples are being updated with the latest information about the contact address regarding the swine flu, contact numbers for vaccination and screening center across all the states of India.
Erandvana Hospital
Contact: Dr Sarita Ganala (9764000939) ,Dr. Santosh Mule (9689931936)
Mhatre Bridge.

Late Anandibai Narhar Gadgil Hospital,
Contact: Dr Jyotsana Khole (9422987953),Dr.kishor pakhre (9689931942)
Ganj Peth.

Late Balaji Rakhmaji Gaikwad Hospital,
Contact: Dr Sandhya Bahule ,Dr Amruta Ingle (9689931363)
Narayan Peth.

Late Kalavatibai Mavale Hospital,
Contact: Dr Nila Limaye (9881385015).,Dr.Kalpana balvant ( 9689931939)

Late Mamasaheb Badade Hospital,
Contact: Dr Swati Joshi ,Dr. suryakant Devkar (9689931102)
Raviwar Peth.

Hutatma Babu Genu Hospital,
Contact: Dr Dinesh Bende (9421018878)
Koregaon Park.

Late Bapusaheb Ganuji Kavade Hospital,
Contact: Dr Jaya Bhondave (9922504428)
Ganesh Peth.

Late Rohidas Kirad Hospital,
Contact: Dr Chandrashekhar Gujar

Late Jayabai Nanasaheb Sutar MaternityHospital,
Contact: Dr Shyam Satpute (9823217047)
Alandi Road.

Siddharth Hospital
Contact: Dr Bhagwant Gagare (9423004811),Dr.Sunil andhale (9689931966)

Late Shivshankar Pote Hospital,
Contact: Dr Vidya Rajwade (9422520930) Dr.Rajesh Dighe (9689931965)
Aundh Road.

Late Baburao Genba Shavale Hospital,
Contact: Dr Madhuri Gare (9823224789)

Late Damodar Ravji Galande Hospital,
Contact: Dr Ujjwala Khristi (9730571404)
Shukrawar Peth.

Dr Kotnis health Centre,
Contact: Dr Asmita Bhoi (9850992960) Dr.Ketki ghatge (9689931364)

Late Jangalrao Kondiba Amrale Hospital,
Contact: Dr Aparna Gokhale (9823214103).

Sundarabai Ganpat Hospital,
Near Bharati Vidyapeeth, Paud road
Sanjay Gandhi maternity hospital,
Elphinston road, Khadki
Contact: Shri Khandu Nimhan (9689931332)

Annasaheb Magar maternity hospital,
Magarpatta, Hadapsar
Contact: Shri Madhav Jagtap (9689931457)

Dr Homi Bhabha maternity hospital,
Deep Bungalow chowk, Gokhalenagar
Contact: Shri Bhange (9689931733)

Namdeo Shivarkar maternity hospital,
Contact: Shri Madhav Jagtap (9689931457)

Rajiv Gandhi hospital,
Contact: Shri Datta Farate (9689931924)

Meena Thackeray maternity hospital,
Kondhwa gaon
Contact: Shri Madhav Deshpande (9689931497)

Sonavane Hospital,
Neharu road, Bhavani peth
Contact: Shri Aappa Patel (9689931927)


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Swine Flu in Andhra Pradesh: 17
Swine Flu in Assam: 3
Swine Flu in Bihar: 2
Swine Flu in Chhattisgarh: 1
Swine Flu in Goa: 2
Swine Flu in Himachal Pradesh: 3
Swine Flu in Jammu and Kashmir: 1
Swine Flu in Jharkhand: 3
Swine Flu in Karnataka: 1
Swine Flu in Kerala: 1
Swine Flu in Madhya Pradesh: 5
Swine Flu in Maharashtra: 12
Swine Flu in Manipur: 4
Swine Flu in Meghalaya: 3
Swine Flu in Mizoram: 7
Swine Flu in Nagaland: 6
Swine Flu in Orissa: 5
Swine Flu in Punjab: 3
Swine Flu in Sikkim: 1
Swine FluĀ  Cases in Tamil Nadu: 2
Swine Flu in Tripura: 5
Swine Flu in Uttar Pradesh: 12
Swine Flu in Uttarakhand: 5
Swine Flu in West Bengal: 6

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