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State Aadhaar Centers

Every indian state should carry out the aadhaar enrolment as per the aadhaar policy of the government of India. Each state is appointed by the higher official in order to execute the aadhaar enrolment process across the districts. And each district is headed by an officer who is in-charge to perform the task across the cities, towns, and villages covered. The state authority will do it aadhaar enrolment in the english as well as regional language too.

All the residents who are allotted to the smart ration family card are eligible to take part in this aadhaar enrolment process. The resident should know the concerned aadhaar enrolment camp addresss of their village, city, town pertaining to their district from the state aadhaar enrolment office. As the task will be hectic for the lay people, here we have list the state wise aadhaar enrolment centers spread across the country India.