Skype Will Now be able to record voice and video calls, these added 5 features

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Skype will now be able to record voice and video calls, these added 5 features

Microsoft’s proprietary Skype has long been the means of Internet telephony for users. Before the arrival of Google Hangouts and WhatsApp, users could make voice and video calls via Skype. This feature was previously available only on laptop or PC. Later, the feature of Skype started in Windows Phone, watching users also use Skype in Android and iOS devices.

Skype has added a new feature for the PC as well as Android and iOS devices, so that users can also record and share their voice or video calls. This cloud-based feature will be able to share screens. According to the media report, this feature of Skype has rollout with 8.0 update.

Through this feature, users will see a mobile-like screen on the desktop.
Given the security of users’ data, end-to-end 1080p video calling support has been provided.
Like any Twitter user, it can be done as well as mentions.
This new feature can be connected to 24 people at a time.
Apart from this, Chat Media Gallery has also been given, which will show shared chats and videos during the congressional.
Call records can also be done in true-collar

A few days ago True Caller rolled out a new feature for its users, in which the users would be able to record their calls. For this, the user must have the latest updated version of the true caller. Click here to know how to record calls using True-Caller .

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