Sivaganga District Potable Water in Villages

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Sivaganga District Potable Water in Villages

Is a village without 5 thousand people are wise men’s choice? However there are also residents up to 1000 in India. This is what the bunch of villages with a central village is a must. No superior is a village without critical things to sustain and grow. Gandhi’s wisdom should be an exemption nowadays and dig into technology and medicine of equally Western and Indian. A village requires to thrive only when it commits itself to elemental matters like health care, hygiene & education.

Village Panchayat in Sivaganga

A village panchayat needs to be strong adequate as without which a village can’t sustain. Panchayat is responsible for taking judgments and use them. It also assets and monitors the financial strength of the village.

Village Co-Operative in Sivaganga

There is a role chief to Village Co-operatives responsible for the growth of rural sector. Co-operatives credit to the planters is the most sought thing by the planters for farming. Almost ninety-seven percent of Indian villages get loans offered by its affiliates or government. Due to the mismanagement of the co-ops and lack of impulse the villages go fall. Let us not argue that presently. Women are wanted to take part in village co-operative societies. The co-operative value has to valued to its best whether a person building a village single handedly or not.

Power & Water in Sivaganga Villages

Power is catered to most villages nowadays by the ministry of power. At the same time, solar power is most benefitting one that need to look at. It shapes village irrigation and familial needs so put it on top of it. But solar energy production requires exorbitant funding. If villages need to exist by farming then irrigation needs to work.

Village Health Care in Sivaganga

Prime Health care is critical necessity of any country and Sri Lanka is best in launching to its villages. India’s villagers duly rely on health care and medical facilities up to 70%. This should adjust by deputing 1 or 2 man doctor’s offices to start immediately.

Hygiene in Sivaganga Villages

Hygiene, Potable water, and Public toilets are unpreventable things in man’s daily life.

Village Education in Sivaganga

Education in India begins in villages when followed. Overcrowded schools in few villages of Arunachal Pradesh; less attendance in lot of village schools diagonally the state of Bihar, and UP state, fall of primary schools in some villages. Expecting parents to send their brood to schools is their mindset.

Village Infrastructure in Sivaganga

Infrastructure & roads accessibility to urban locations and villages needs to be done. A village without online activities can’t still stand as a window to the world.

Banks & Post Offices in Sivaganga Villages

Banks & Post office of the central government will quickly have the Indian Post Payment Bank effects adequate impact on villages when it is billed next year. India will soon have 5000 ATMs from the Indian postal department diagonally the villages in the nation. The scheme Ayushman Bharat of 3rd party insurance from the bank end will facilitated soon. IPPB serves as top online tool to pay central & state govt. dues and debts of educational institutions. A village will transform its business execution mode with such a facility fast. Villages ready to face the immense problems they face through the commitment from state and central government level.

Caste System in Sivaganga Villages

If caste system is the strongest obstacle to break, villages should be ready.
Putting a stone and get into the neighboring village this is in fact the villages in India. A ghetto village is one such whose civilians are shielded from using critical needs from the company villages. One can’t step in even, so a detour is made to go to farther place. The social rituals of the Hindus in Hindu temples are debarred to the villagers of the ghetto village.

Sivaganga Village Model

The village panchayat chose a holistic aim on lot of tasks joining with neighborhood groups in charge for dynamic aspects of the village economy & social development. The neighborhood-based units in the name of women’s thrift groups, youth units, and milk dairy society are to be emphasized. The village panchayat focus fully on family planning and reforestation. Many awareness programs and essential impels were constantly organized. The village gram sabha started a watershed growth program. The village analyzes the once a year water appraisal to make more efficient and equitable management of water resources.

A. Kalappur Mampatti South
A.Melaiyur Managirisuganendal
Alagapuri Manalur
Alampattu Manjani
Alangudi Manthakudipatti
Amaravathi Maranisarugani
Ambakkudi Mathur
Andakudi Mela Pattamangalam
Aralikottai Melamanakkudi
Aranmanaipatti Melapatti
Aranmanaisiruvayal Melavannariruppu
Aravayal Minnamalaipatti
Ariyakkudi Mithiravayal
Athangudi Mummudichanpatti
B. Athangudi Muraiyur
Brahamanampatti Musundapatti
Chettikuruchi Naduvikottai Keelaiyur
Chittanur Naduvikottai Melaiyur
D.Kalappur Nainappatti
Devakottai Nattarmangalam
Devapattu Nattuseri
Dharmappatti Nedumaram
Egaraikottaivayal Neduvayal
Eluvankottai Nemam
Eriyur Nerkuppai
Erumaipatti Nerupugapatti
Hanumanthagudi Olugumangalam
Idayagudi Oyyakondansiruvayal
Ilakkanivayal Paiyur
Ilandamangalam Palaiyur
Ilankudi Pallathur
Ilayathagudi North Panangudi
Ilayathagudi South Pananvayal (a )Pannampatti
Illuppaikkudi Pattakuruchi
Iravinivayal Periakottai
Iravucheri Periakottakudi
Irubuvayal Perichikovil
Jeyankondam Pilar
Jeyankondanilai Pirambuvayal
K.Vairavanpatti Piranmalai
Kadagampatti Piranpatti
Kalabangudi Poolankuruchi
Kalanivasal Pudur
Kalathur Puduvayal
Kallal Pukkudi
Kallangudi Ranasingapuram
Kallankudi S. Mathur
Kallippatti S.Pudur
Kallupatti Sadurvadamangalam
Kambanur Sakkottai
Kanadukathan Sambanur
Kandadevi Sannavanam
Kandanur Sekkalakottai
Kandavarayanpatti Sengathankudi
Kandiyur Senjai
Kannangudi Sethurengunathpattanam
Kannankottai Sevalpatti
Kappalur Severakottai
Karaikkudi Sevur
Karaikudi Shenbagampettai
Karaikudi RF Singampunari North
Karaiyur Singampunari South
Karisalpatti Singampuneri
Karkalathur Siravayal
Karungulam [P] Sirukodalpatti
Karuppur Sirumarudhur
Kattambur Siruvayal
Kavanur Soorakudi
Kayampatti Sullankudi
Keelapattamangalam Sunnambiruppu
Keelapoongudi T. Vairavanpatti
Kilamalai T.Soorakudi
Kilavayal Thanipatti
Kiranippatti Thattati
Kirungakottai Thekkur [Athikkadu]
Kodakkudi Themmapatti
Kodikkottai Thenkarai
Kodikulam Thevarambur
Koothalur Thirukalapatti
Korai Thiruthipatti
Kothamangalam Thuvar
Kothari Tirukolakudi
Kottaiyiruppu Tirukostiyur
Kottaiyur Tirupathur
Kottur Tiruvudayarpatti
Kovilur Ulagampatti
Kulappadi Vadavanpatti
Kulathupatti Vaiakalathur
Kumani Valasaipatti
Kumarniadhanichatram Vaniyankadu
Kunnakudi Variyanvayal
Kurudampattu Vedamavali
Kurunthanakottai Velangudi
Madakkottai Veliyathur
Madavarayanpatti Vellipatti
Mahibalanapatti Veppankulam
Malaikandan Vetriyur
Mallakottai Vilavadiendal
Mampatti Devasthanam Warappur
Mampatti North

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