Selling Price of Cars from CSD After GST

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After the prime minister of India, Shri. Narendra Modi announcing the GST aka Goods & Services Tax, the csd of indian army too affected. The customers seeking discounted products went confused due to hike of price list whether to buy or not. However, the csd has managed to maintain the price aggression of all its products listed. The post-gst rate for 4 wheelers are as under:

Code Brand Model CSD Delhi Price
64102-P Aspire 1.2P Trend MT 4,96,216
64248-S Aspire 1.2P Titanium MT 5,19,390
64162-K Aspire 1.2P Titanium+ MT 5,82,001
64160-S Aspire 1.2D Trend MT 5,88,851
64159-I Aspire 1.2D Titanium MT 6,10,691
64103-H Ecosport 1.5P Trend 6,96,564
64847-D Ecosport 1.5P Titanium MT 7,99,075
64846-A Ecosport 1.5P Titanium AT 8,78,674
64848-E Ecosport 1.0P Trend+ MT 7,55,574
64849-L Ecosport 1.0P Titanium+ 8,73,131
64165-D Ecosport 1.5D Trend 7,50,643
64247-I Ecosport 1.5D Titanium 8,53,700
64850-P Ecosport 1.5D Titanium+ 9,01,937
64164 Endeavour 2.2L Trend 4X2 AT 20,93,453
64892-E Endeavour 2.2L Titanium 4X2 AT 23,57,593
64872-P Figo 1.2P Titanium MT 4,89,137
64873-H Figo 1+.2P Titanium+ MT 5,34,425
64874-I Figo 1.5D Titanium MT 5,73,129
64875-S Figo 1.5D Titanium+ MT 6,18,314
65200-E Mitsubishi Brand Four Wheeler Pajero Sport Bs-iv Dsl 14 N/T (Nylon Tyres) A/T (Automatic Transmission) 2477cc 17,47,933
65201-L Mitsubishi Brand Four Wheeler Pajero Sport Bs-iv Dsl 14 N/T (Nylon Tyres) M/T (Manual Transmission) 2477cc 17,84,156

The post-gst car prices are of csd, delhi. The list mentions index, nomenclature of the product, Depot selling price and depot available. And from the list one can find companywise car prices from csds. The selling price quoted are for the purchases made at delhi canteen stores depot. Therefore the car rates will differ depending up on the place of purchase across the states or union territories in the country as because of the trasit insurance, transportation charges, cess, etc.

CSD sells the cars from companies like:

  • Ford India Private Limited
  • Hindustan Motor Finance Corporation Limited
  • Honda Cars India Limited
  • Hyundai Motor India Ltd
  • Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd
  • Maruti Suzuki India Ltd
  • Nissan Motor India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Renault India Pri Ltd.
  • Skoda Auto India (P) Ltd.
  • Tata Motors Ltd.
  • Toyota Kirloskar Motor P Ltd
  • Volkswagen Group Sales India (P) Ltd.

To find the car pricelist from csd after announcement of goos & services tax click here

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