Samsung Festival Offer 2016 at Poorvika Mobiles Discount Price List

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Samsung Festival Offer 2016 at Poorvika Mobiles Discount Price List:

Poorvika Festival Offer Samsung

The Poorvika Mobile Store is one among the top selling mobile phones showroom and also sales of latest Mobile Phones online at best price in India.

Special discount offers and deals will be announced for all branded mobile phones with best prices ever by the Poorvika Mobile Store in India.

Here we had updated with the special discount price list for the top model Samsung mobile phones by the Poorvika Mobile Store.

Samsung Mobile Phones Price List at Poorvika:
Samsung B110 – Rs.1,440 Rs.1,410
Samsung B313- Metro – Rs.2,025 Rs.1,990
Samsung E1200 – Rs.1,224 Rs.1,200
Samsung G531 Galaxy Grand Prime 4G – Rs.9,499 Rs.8,250
Samsung Galaxy A5 – ( 2016 Edition ) – Rs.27,699 Rs.21,900
Samsung Galaxy A5 – Rs.17,990 Rs.16,490
Samsung Galaxy A7 – ( 2016 Edition ) – Rs.33,999 Rs.26,900
Samsung Galaxy A7 – Rs.23,499 Rs.19,990
Samsung Galaxy A8 – Rs.26,999 Rs.25,990
Samsung Galaxy J1 – Rs.6,499 Rs.5,999
Samsung Galaxy J1 Ace – Rs.6,599 Rs.5,999
Samsung Galaxy J2 – Rs.8,199 Rs.7,590
Samsung Galaxy J2(2016) – Rs.9,899 Rs.9,750
Samsung Galaxy J5 – Rs.11,999 Rs.11,390
Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016) – Rs.16,499 Rs.15,990
Samsung Galaxy J7 – Rs.14,899 Rs.13,490
Samsung Galaxy Note 5 – 32GB – Rs.44,499 Rs.39,999
Samsung Galaxy Note 5 – 32GB Dual Sim – Rs.48,499 Rs.46,900
Samsung Galaxy Note 5 – 64GB – Rs.49,999 Rs.49,000
Samsung Galaxy Note 5 – 64GB Dual Sim – Rs.54,500 Rs.49,900
Samsung Galaxy On5 – Rs.9,300 Rs.8,490
Samsung Galaxy S6 edge Plus-32GB – Rs.54,999 Rs.53,900
Samsung Galaxy S6 edge-32GB – Rs.41,999 Rs.38,900
Samsung Galaxy S6 edge-64GB – Rs.57,999 Rs.40,900
Samsung Galaxy S6-32GB – Rs.34,999 Rs.33,900
Samsung Galaxy S6-64GB – Rs.41,499 Rs.39,900
Samsung Galaxy S7 – Rs.49,999 Rs.43,400
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge – Rs.58,999 Rs.50,900
Samsung Metro B350E – Rs.2,850 Rs.2,780


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