Ramanathapuram District People Demand Ayushman Bharat

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Ramanathapuram District People Demand Ayushman Bharat

Great people enclose termed any village is of 5,000 populace. Here in India considerable villages fall under 1,000 residents is just a bunch of villages with a central village is needed. To stay itself & scale up, all it demands to ensure of fine crucial. We ought to step away from the shortlisted insight of Mahatma and fact in technologies and hygiene of Indian and western tradition. A village prospers if it oaths itself to primary items resembling healthcare, cleanliness and studies.

Village Panchayat in Ramanathapuram

A fine panchayat means the essential where on its absence no village can develop. It is obligatory to acquire plans and apply them. This is that entity that ought to eye the credits and the financial hard of the village.

Village Co-Operative in Ramanathapuram

Village Co-operatives in are those Co-operative societies maintain a significant task in the development of rural sector. Co-operatives offer finance to the Cultivators, the much wanted object in the vegetation. They shield over ninety-seven percent of the villages of India, few managed by its VC associates and few by the regime itself: Many co-operatives are misguided and short of training. However it’s not an argument against them. There need always extra female presence in village co-operatives. Even just a person desiring to form a village lone-handedly should not leave the importance of a co-operative.

Power & Water in Ramanathapuram Villages

Today’s power ministry is engaged electrifying maximum villages than one had forecasted. But we must gaze at solar power for rural parts. It can amend villages in sections of irrigation and conjugal requirements. Irrigation ought to scale first that which will classify out local requires. Villages dwell by farming and on working of irrigation farming will rose.

Village Health Care in Ramanathapuram

Health care resembling what in Sri Lanka established in its villages is the best which India failed to provide health care and medical necessities. Over 60-70% of villagers are contemptibly lies on closest cities for even crucial hospital. Villages need not less than 1-2 man nursing homes to begin with, later enlarging to medium size health centers.

Hygiene in Ramanathapuram Villages

Hygiene is no object but drinkable water. We need civic toilets otherwise not one toilet for every home. Health and hygiene are tangled.

Village Education in Ramanathapuram

Our country’s complete education level can be chased to its villages. Rushed schools in few villages can be seen Arunachal Pradesh. Lesser attendance in village schools in the state of Bihar, and Uttar Pradesh. Few villages are short of even kindergarten schools. It’s mostly hard to make close relatives to assist their kids to go to schools as it is their mindset.

Village Infrastructure in Ramanathapuram

Infrastructures are Road accessibility to city places and other villages. Prime the village for online tasks as it will be their glass to the globe.

Banks & Post Offices in Ramanathapuram Villages

Banking & Post office are the central govt. plan to form the Indian Post disbursement Bank that will enclose considerable effect on villages. It will be working from succeeding year. India post decides to fix 5000 Automated Teller machines all athwart the country — apart from 3rd party insurance and other solutions by the bank. India Post disbursement Bank will be provisioning disbursements of central and state govts., municipal debts and educational school bills. A village having such facility will ultimately modify the way it makes business and dispatch its projects. What’s required and the abundant troubles they meet. It requires promise at the federal and state levels. Not from lone man alone rather than a man with determination to enclose objects done.

Caste System in Ramanathapuram Villages

One amongst the hardest fences to pass is the caste fence. India boasts villages within villages resembling at a pebble’s throw from each other village. Many occasions one amongst the villages is a ghetto. Men from there are banned to use even the crucial wants of the adjacent village. They can’t even step in. To go to some parts they enclose to circle the village. Hindu monasteries, the main point of social assignment in a Hindu village, are objected to the peoples of the ghetto village.

Ramanathapuram Village Model

The village panchayat chose a spiritual center on a variety of deeds, with society groups chargeable for several aspects of the village business and social raise. Importance on society-established units resembling women’s economic groups, milk dairy society and young clubs. The village panchayat also centered on family planning & replanting, for which the awareness courses and programs were continuously scheduled. The village gram sabha made a watershed raise event. The yearly water assessment report is being organized in the village for extra efficient and balanced management of water capitals contributing to higher farm benefits. Any task that bills a buck or 2 is constructed for trouble. Some object similar to this smells of federal or state financing and that must gain few very ambitious men. The expenses will amend from state to state with few providing you entire backing while the others running obstruction.

A. Panaiyur Nagachi
A.Manakudi Nagaram
Akkalur Nagaramangalam
Akkiramesi Nagrikathan
Alagarthevankkottai Nambuthalai
Alikkudi Neyvayal
Anaiseri Nilamalagiyamangalam
Anandur Nirkumdram
Anayarkottai Odaikkal
Anjamadai Odaikkarai
Anjukottai Odavayal
Arasanur Orikottai
Arasur Orur
Ariyakudi P.Kodikulam
Ariyanendal Paganur
Ariyankottai Palangulam
Arunuthimangalam Pambur
Athankothangudi Pandappanendal
Athiyur Pandikanmoi
Attangudi Pandiyur
Attur Pandugudi
Bagavathimangalam Panichagudi
Bogalur Paramakudi
Chithirangudi Paranur
Chittamangalam Parur
Chitthanendal Pathanendal
Chitturuvadi Periyanendal
Emaneswaram Perungalur
Enathi Perungarai
Ettivayal Pidariseri
Gangaikondon Poduvakudi
Govindamangalam Pottagavayal
Gudalur Pudupattinam
Ilaiyathanvayal Pullamadai
Ilanchembur Pullur
Ilankakoor Puthur
K.Karungulam R.S.Mangalam
Kadambakkudi Radhanur
Kadambanedal Radhappuli
Kadambur Ramanathamadai
Kadangudi Rettaiyurani
Kakkanendal S.Andakkudi
Kakkoor Sadurvedamangalam
Kalangappuli Sattanur
Kalayur Seenangudi
Kaliyanagari Sekkanthidal
Kallikudi Semanur
Kamankottai Sengudi
Kamutnakudi Sethidal
Kanatangudi Sethukal
Kandilan Sevvur
Karadaranthakudi Seyyalur
Karumal Sholandur
Karungalagudi Sirakikottai
Karungudi Sirugambaiyur
Kattavilagam Sirumalaikkottai
Kattimangalam Siruvayal
Kattuparmakudi Soodiyur
Kavanur T.Nagani
Kavvur Thaduthalankottai
Keelachirupodhu Thalayadikottai
Keelakodumalur Thalirmarungur
Keelakottai Thavalaikulam
Keelakulam Theeyanur
Keelaparuthiyur Thelur
Kilaarumbur Thenpoduvakudi
Kilapanaiyur Thethangal
Kiliyur Thirutheravalai
Kodikulam Thiruvadanai
Kodipangu Thiyagavanseri
Kokurani Tholur
Koluvur Thondi
Kookudi Thottamangalam
Koonankulam Thumbadakkakottai
Koraikulam Tiruppalaikkudi
Kottakudi Tiruvetriyur
Kottankulam Tuthagudi
Kulamanikkam Tuthiyendal
Kulandapuri Arungulam Uppur
Kulathur Uranagudi
Kumukkottai Urappuli
Machur Urathur
Madanthai Vadavaneri
Mallanur Vagavayal
Manakudi Valamavur
Mangalagudi Valangudi
Manjakollai Valimarichan
Manjur Vallakulam
Marungur Vallam
Mavur Vaniyavallam
Melaparthibanur Varavani
Melayakudi Vattanam
Mennendhi Veeravanur
Mosukkudi Velangudi
Mudalur Vendoni
Mugilthagam Vengalur
Mummudisathan Venkittankurichi
Muthuramalingapattinam Veppangulam

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