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Punjab Villages


Punjab is the land of 5 rivers and integrated traditional history, is a treasure trove for an avid traveller. For this land of the great gurus not only has old monuments but throbs with historical embodiments. It is no treasure that whoever arrives to this land of yellow fields with blue mountains giving the romantic and picturesque backdrop has never went back without imbibing the essence of Punjab.

There is no dearth of breathtaking palaces, for Punjab was the chair of royality, as the imposing Quila Mubarak will say you. Museums galore and therefore are the religious places with the Golden Temple giving succour to the mind and soul of any one who visits. If you are a wild life freak, then Punjab can consider you on a tour of the sanctuaries, that are hot favourites with migratory birds. As this state annexes Pakistan, there are 2 main posts from where you can peep into the land that was once an central part of Punjab and experience the feelings of the people divided by a line.

The most truncated India’s part of current Punjab is segmented into 3 natural regions namely the Majha,the Doaba and the Malwa.