Pros & Cons of Xiaomi TV Models

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Pros & Cons of Xiaomi TV Models

Mi recently brought to India Mi TV 4 where it is gaining gigantic response.

Cons of Xiaomi TV

  • Little Fragile because of slim build.
  • TV speakers are not as fair.
  • No screen uniformity
  • Contrast ratio can be higher
  • There is no after sales service of MI television thus there is absence of xiaomi service centers or xiaomi showrooms
  • Xiaomi LED panel is bottom lit thus lacking uniform brightness across all the screen corners making reason for being so slim in top
  • No Ultra Dimming Zones means no back light in various zones, as low light performance will be bad
  • No True HDR eventhough it supports 10bit input, panel is not made to display 10 bit colors
  • No Dolby Vision or Dolby Atmos support thus they are not really HDR
  • The Viewing angle is below standard for not being a QLED and OLED
  • Low Sound Quality
  • Operating System experience is less in comparison to future update
  • The integrated and installed software services wont support all 4K content
  • The side load of all application required for not being a android TV
  • In case of wall mounting friendly usage of back ports is hard
  • Though the price of Rs.39,999 is very cheap that cannot fetch a tv of that size still one can spend a little to decide on VU series.
  • The 32″ MI TV is a 720p panel and not a complete HD panel.
  • The demand of Xiaomi tvs are challenging issue through flash sales

Pros of Xiaomi TV

  • Very less price
  • Fantastic picture quality
  • Thin bezzle
  • Finest user Interface
  • Great sound Output
  • Many input Options for HDMI & USB
  • Slim Design.
  • 10 bit panel helping more
  • Good 4K HDR Performance
  • Gaming Experience on Consoles is good

For more info visit MI