Pros & Cons of Xiaomi 55″ MI LED Television

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Pros & Cons of Xiaomi 55″ MI LED Television

Xiaomic 55 inch 4K TV available for Rs.40,000 is a very Best deal as the same size of 4K models from Samsung & Sony costs over 1 lakh. Therefore one cannot expect all the features of Samsung & Sony TVs in MI brand tvs.

Xiaomi’s TV will ultimately give the heat to Samsung, LG, Sony TV makers to slash their price to compete.
Therefore sony tv lovers, lg brand wishers, and samsung tv desirious can wait and watch for price reduction in their models.

Xiaomi TV Cons of 55″
It is so fragile as it is thickness is just 4.9mm giving no space to play outdoor games close to Xiaomi TV set.
Xiaomi 55″ model is not a curved and thus it is not 3D.

Xiaomi’s Mi TV 4 was introduced on February 14, 2018 with its availability in India from February 22. As the stock is limited, the second sale of Mi TV4 went good.
While the previous sale of Xiaomi TV went out of stock within ten seconds of flash sales. There is no indication of how many units available for sale from this Chinese TV maker.

The 55 Inch LED Smart TV with 4K+HDR is quoted at Rs.39,999 rocking in India with its wide range of LEDS.

Xiaomi TV Pros of 55″

Cheap Price
4K + HDR Screen
4.9 mm Ultra-thin frame
64-bit quad-core processor built-in 2GB RAM
Slim & attractive
best money value
Sufficient port available
Plays 4K at 60Hz natively