Pricelist of Liquor Sold in CSDs in India

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The love for liquor or daaru, is mainly passionate and popular among indians. Liquor drinking is injurious to health. Still there are many who buy it as monthly ration of liquor from their military friends, or army kids due to cheaper price for liquor in army canteens.

The csd canteen liquors are best and less adulterated and less cost compared to market rate. There is good purity of alcohol sold in canteen stores depot alcohol through urc in india. The CSD Canteen’s liquor makes no headache.

The army canteen rework liquor price lists after announcement of Goods and Services Tax or GST. There is no price hike or fall in the prevailing price of liquor available via the CSD.

The unit run canteens will remain their liquor rates with the existing price tags.

Taxes & local levies on liquor bought through the CSD is depended on the excise policy of the concerned state in which the CSD outlet is situated.

The Union Government has approved fifty percent exemption on GST to supplies given to CSD depots by commercial companies & breweries. As GST will be imposed during the time of wholesale buys by depots, URCs has no right to levy GST on sale of goods to the consumers and ofcourse, URCs are an exemption from registration for GST or preparing monthly returns.

The CSD has about thirty-three depots around the country having more than 3,500 URCs available with defence establishments.

The Group five of Liquor categories of csd india list the following products

  • Brandy
  • Brandy Premium
  • Canned Beer
  • Champagne
  • Cognac
  • Gin
  • Low Alcoholic Beverages
  • Normal Beer
  • Other Vodkas
  • Premium Vodka
  • Premium Whisky
  • Rum Matured Dark
  • Rum Matured White
  • Scotch Whisky Bottled in India
  • Scotch Whisky Bottled in Origin
  • Strong Beer
  • Tequila
  • Vodka Bio
  • Whiskies
  • Whisky Single Malt
  • Whisky Single Malt Bio
  • Wines

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