New feature introduced by Watts: Click to Chat!

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New feature introduced by Watts: Click to Chat!

There are no smartphones that have a widespread text messaging application that is widely used worldwide. This processor can instantly send message, photo and videos to your contact list. There is also audio and video footage. He must be in your contact list to start a conversation with someone in Watts.

message to Chat-Chat, which is a newly introduced click on Chat. If you know the mobile number of the sender, you can immediately start the conversation. But he must have a VATA account. Otherwise the VatsApp can not. How to use ‘click to chat’ feature Step # 1 Using Watts API to create Chad Link.

Step # 2 the place where the link / url is located, the phone number of the sender must be specified with the code for the country. For example, if the code for India is +91, the number to which the message is sent to 9820098200, the ULL will be as follows.

To start a dialogue already in the message, you can use your link as follows.…!There? It does not know how much it will be for the users. But it is very useful for business companies who want to contact customers. #Whatsapp #apps #Click to chat # technology # vatsaf # processor # click to chat # technology

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