Namakkal List of Village Banks & Post Offices

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Namakkal List of Village Banks & Post Offices

Fine men enclose estimated the populace of 5000 as a proper village. But in India, there are villages in from even just 1000 civilians. It is the bunch of villages reporting to a hub village. For a village to raise or sustain it has crucial some object to ensure. Forget the insight of Gandhiji which is distilled and get in to technology & medicine of together Western and Indian way. Only when the health care, hygiene & education are committed by the village it sees a raise.

Village Panchayat in Namakkal

No village in with no a strong panchayat can be formed as it only acquires firm verdicts to implement them. The village panchayat monitors the funds and village’s financial force.

Village Co-Operative in Namakkal

Village Co-operatives sport a key task in the development of rural sector. Co-operatives offer credit to the Cultivators, the most wanted matter in the farming. Co-ops cover over 97% of villages in India, few run by its associates and the regime. Several co-operatives in are misled and lack stimulus. But that’s not a crisis against them. Female mix is required in village co-operatives. A person waiting to build a village lone handedly ought not to eliminate the value of a co-operative.

Power & Water in Namakkal Villages

Currently, the ministry of power becomes busy electrifying lot of villages than one had anticipated. What we need to see is solar power for rural areas. It can metamorphose villages in quarter of irrigation and native requires. Irrigation ought to be prioritized so as to sort out regional requirements. Villages exist with the help of Cultivators farming and if irrigation performs farming will stand.

Village Health Care in Namakkal

Health care of crucial is opted by Sri Lanka has existed to launch in its villages. India has missed in presenting fine health care and medical facilities. Over 60-70% of villagers are abjectly based on adjoining cities for main medication. Villages need a health center employed with one or two persons which can further expand to medium size hospitals.

Hygiene in Namakkal Villages

Sanitation and Drinkable drinking water is must. One toilet for each dwelling is necessary, otherwise a civic toilet at least.

Village Education in Namakkal

Arunachal Pradesh has the highest crowded schools whereas Bihar & UP has low attendance schools in the village some occasions even short of primary schools. We can’t expect everywhere for a parent to send their kids to schools as it is there mindset.

Village Infrastructure in Namakkal

The accessibility to city centers and villages in are done by the road infrastructure. With the use of internet villages can be prior for online activities.

Banks & Post Offices in Namakkal Villages

Banks & Post office of the central regime decide to form the Indian Post disbursement Bank giving considerable impact on villages. About 5000 automated teller machines are equipped by the department all over the country. Also the third party insurance and other service by the bank is on pipeline. Through IPPB the disbursements of central and state regimes facilitated along with municipal dues, bills of educational institutions too. If this kind of facility is opted to see the village transforming the business model and execute its projects. What are must and the major crisis they undergo ought to be addressed. A commitment is needed at the federal & state level, that doesn’t mean a lone man instead a well determined man to go objects heightened.

Caste System in Namakkal Villages

The caste fence is the biggest of all to crack. In India, a village in is annexed by another village within a pebble’s throw and one of which is a ghetto. The people of such village can’t use the crucial facilities of the adjacent village. The ghettos can’t reside or travel through via this village to another. In India, Hindu temples are which is where the social tasks acquires place are banned to the people of the ghetto village.

Namakkal Village Model

The village panchayat acquired a holistic attention on a many of its activities, with society groups accountable for dissimilar points of the village economy and social uplift. Stress on society-based units such as women’s thrift groups, milk dairy society and adolescence clubs. The village panchayat also concentrated on family planning & reforestation, for which awareness events and coerces were constantly carried out. The village gram sabha in made a watershed development course. The yearly water assessment is being held in the village for extra efficient and balanced management of water resources. All projects that makes a buck or two is made for trouble. Some object resembling this of federal / state funding and that ought to get few ambitious people. The costs vary state to state. Few states will fetch you complete backing.

Adakkampudukombai Minnampalli
Agaram Modamangalam
Akkaraipatti Modamangalam Agraharam
Alampalayam Molakkadu
Alampatti Molapalayam
Alathurnadu Molasi
Alavaipatti Molipalli
Anaikattipalayam Moolapallipatti
Anaipalayam Morangam
Anandagoundempalayam Mulaikurichi
Anangur Mullukurichi
Andagalore Munjanur
Andarapatti Murungapatty
Andipalaiyam Musiri
Animur Muthukalipatti
Annamalaipatti Muthuruttu
Athanur Nachipatti
Athipalaiyam Nadupatti
Attavanai Iraiyamangalam Nallipalayam
Avanasipatti Namagiripettai
Ayeepalayam Naraikinar
Ayiepatti Naraikinar Block I R.F.
Ayilpatti Naraikinar South R.F.
Bailnadu Navalpatti
Ballakkuli Agraharam Neikkarappatti
Bommanpatti O.Jedarpalayam
Chandrasegarapuram Agraharam Odappalli Agraharam
Chinnakkapalayam Oduvampalayam
Chinnasekkadi Pachagoundampatti
Chinnathambipalayam Pachudaiampalayam
Chithurnadu Padaiveedu
Chittalandur Palamedu
Devanangurichi Palanthinnipatti
Edappulinadu Pallakkapalaiyam
Elaiyampalayam Pallavanaickenpatti
Ellandaikuttai Pallipalaiyam Agraharam
Ellapalayam Pallipalayam
Emappalli Pallipalayam Agraharam
Eswaramurthipalayam Pappampalayam
Gedamalai Paruttipalli
Gundaninadu Patlur
Illuppili Pattanam Muniappampalayam
Kadachanallur Pattinam
Kailasampalayam Pelappadinadu
Kakkaveri Peraikkarinadu
Kalaiyanur Perappansolai
Kalaiyanur Agraharam Periakombai
Kallankulam Periakurichi
Kallupalaiyam Periasekkadi
Karaiampatti Periyamanali
Karkoodalpatti Perumagoundampalayam
Karumanur Pillanallur
Karumapuram Pillanatham
Karungalpatti Pirithi
Karuppagoundampalayam Pokkampalaiyam
Karuveppampatti Ponkurichi
Kattanachempatti Ponparappipatti
Kavundampalaiyam Porasalapattti
Kavundampalayam Pudupalayam
Keeranur Pudupalayam Agraharam
Kilapalayam Pudupallapatti
Kilur Puduppuliyampatti
Kokkalai Pudur Malayampatti
Kokkarayanpettai Pullakkavundanpatti
Kolakkamedu Punjaipudupalayam
Kolankondai Puthur East
Komarapalayam R.Pudupatti
Koneripatti Rajapalayam
Konnayar Ramapuram
Koonavelampatti Rasipuram
Koothanatham Samayasangili Agraharam
Koppampatti Sanbagamadevi
Kottaipalayam Sathinayakkanpalayam
Kovilpalayam Seerapalli
Kumarapalaiyam Agraharam Sembampalaiyam
Kumarapalayam Semmandapatti
Kuppandapalayam Sengodampalayam
Kurukkapuram Seppayapuram
Kuthampoondi Agraharam Singalandapuram
Kuttaladampatti Sirumolasi
Kuttampundi Sowdapuram
Lattivadi Sundagipalaiyam
Madiampatti T.Kavundampalayam
Malaiyampalayam Thengalpalayam
Malayampatti Thimmanaickenpatti
Mallasamudram Thirumangalam
Mallasamudram (West) Thirumangalam Pudupalayam
Mamundi Agraharam Thiruppulinadu
Manathi Tho. Jadarpalayam
Mangalam Thokkavadi
Mangalapuram Thondipatti
Marapparai Thottiyapalayam
Mattuvelampatti Tiruchengode
Mavar Unjanai
Mavureddipatti Vandinatham
Melur Varagurampatti
Mettupalayam Vattapparappu
Minnakkal Agraharam Vattur

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