Nagaland State General Assembly Election 2018 Dates, Voters, Party Wise Candidates List

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Nagaland State General Assembly Election 2018 Dates, Voters, Party Wise Candidates List:

The Election Commission of India ECI had published the election schedule for General Legislative Assembly Election 2018 to the Legislative Assembly of Nagaland state in India.

By 13th March 2018 the terms of the Legislative Assembly of Nagaland state will be expired and so the General Assembly election 2018 is to be conducted for the Nagaland state by the Election Commission of India.

Nagaland State Assembly Election 2018:

There are about 60 assembly constituencies which includes 59 seats reserved for STs for the state of Nagaland.

In the state of Nagaland there are totally 11,89,264 electors as per the final electoral rolls released by the Election Commission of India on 1st January 2018 and about 2187 polling stations.

Nagaland General Election 2018 Schedule:

  • Gazette Notification release date: 31st January 2018, Wednesday
  • Nomination Last Date: 7th February 2018, Wednesday
  • Scrutiny of Nominations date: 8th February 2018, Thursday
  • Withdrawal of candidatures last date: 12th February 2018, Monday
  • Polling Date: 27th February 2018, Tuesday
  • Counting of Votes: 3rd March 2018, Saturday

Nagaland Assembly Constituencies List:

No. Constituency Seats No. Constituency Seats
1 Dimapur I ST 31 Akuluto ST
2 Dimapur II SC 32 Atoizu ST
3 Dimapur III ST 33 Suruhoto ST
4 Ghaspani 1 ST 34 Aghunato ST
5 Ghaspani II ST 35 Aghunato ST
6 Tenning ST 36 Satakha ST
7 Peren ST 37 Tyui ST
8 Western Angami ST 38 Wokha ST
9 Kohima Town ST 39 Sanis ST
10 Northern Angami I ST 40 Bhandari ST
11 Northern Angami II ST 41 Tizit ST
12 Tseminyu ST 42 Wakching ST
13 Pughoboto ST 43 Tapi ST
14 Southern Angami I ST 44 Phomching ST
15 Southern Angami II ST 45 Tehok ST
16 Pfutsero ST 46 Mon Town ST
17 Chizami ST 47 Aboi ST
18 Chazouba ST 48 Aboi ST
19 Phek ST 49 Tamlu ST
20 Meluri ST 50 Longleng ST
21 Tuli ST 51 Noksen ST
22 Arkakong ST 52 Longkhim Chare ST
23 Impur ST 53 Tuensang Sadar I ST
24 Angetyongpang ST 54 Tuensang Sadar II ST
25 Mongoya ST 55 Tobu ST
26 Aonglenden ST 56 Noklak ST
27 Mokokchung Town ST 57 Thonoknyu ST
28 Koridang ST 58 Shamator Chessore ST
29 Jangpetkong ST 59 Seyochung Sitimi ST
30 Alongtaki ST 60 Pungro Kiphire ST

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