More Schools, Banks Needed in Kanchipuram Villages

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More Schools, Banks Needed in Kanchipuram Villages

Clever people have stated a Kanchipuram village must be of five thousand dwellers. Most Indian villages populate up to one thousand residents. It is all just a cluster of villages with a one central village is mandatory.

In order to sustainability of a Kanchipuram village and grow by itself, it requires to make sure of basic needs. We should step away from the diluted wisdom of Bapuji and fact in science and medicine of both foreign and motherland.

Any village in Kanchipuram scales only if it decides itself to core things like health care, cleanliness and literacy.

Of course a well mannered panchayat is the most essential as without which a village can’t exist. A Kanchipuram panchayat takes decision and implement them fairly. It is also that body watches the financial aids and strength of the village.

Village Co-operatives societies in Kanchipuram has important part in the scaling rural sector. Co-operatives give credit to the farmers, the most wanted thing in the farming. They have over 97 per cent of Indian villages, of which few controlled by its members them self and few by the government. Lot of co-operatives is mis-assisted and thus falling short of encouragements. To aver this there needs maximum women involvement in village co-operatives. Thus even a person liking to shape a village as one man show shouldn’t give up the value of a co-operative.

Power & Water: Today’s recent power ministry is involved powering unforeseen villages than one had predicted. But one required think of solar power for rural fields. It can modify Kanchipuram villages in fields of vegetation and local requirements. Irrigation should be on the top of the tasks that will fulfill domestic needs. Villages of Kanchipuram exist only by farming and up on irrigation remains farming will grow.

Health care means Basic health care which the country of Sri Lanka has managed to launch in its villages. But India has lost in offering health care and medical hospitalities. It is reported that up to seventy percent of villagers are blindly rely on nearby cities for main medication. Villages need to the minimum 1-2 man dispensary to commence with, later reaching to medium size clinics.

Hygienic Potable water for drinking should not be left out. One Public toilets if it is not possible for each house as Health & hygiene are inextricable.

India’s overall education rate can be followed to its Kanchipuram villages. There are states with overcrowded schools and low attendance in villages of Arunachal Pradesh and Bihar, UP. Even some villages are having no primary schools at all. We can’t expect the parents often to have their children sent to Kanchipuram schools.

Infrastructure is what Road accessibility to all major city venues as well as other villages in Kanchipuram. A village should be prone to online activities as internet is the only window to the universe.

Banks, & PO: The central government plan to establish the Indian Post Payment Bank will have enough effect on villages when it functioning next year.

The postal department decides to start 5,000 ATMs in the country. Even the 3rd party insurance and other services by the bank are on pipeline. India Post Payment Bank is readying to facilitate remittances of federal and state govt. apart from municipal dues and fees of institutions. Any Kanchipuram village having such facility will radically alter the method it delivers business and dispatch its projects.

What’s required and the many problems they see. It wants promise at the central and state levels. Not from single person alone but it’ll require one determined man to have things processed.

The other hardest barriers to surpass are the caste barrier.

Only in India one can find villages within villages at just a stone’s throw between them. Again, there will be a ghetto in the Kanchipuram village. People of those villages can’t use even the fundamental facilities of the annexed village. They can’t walk in. To leave to some other place they should take a detour of the village. Hindu temples are that is the central point of social works in a Hindu village, are blocked to the civilians of the ghetto village.

HOW goods WORKED IN A sample VILLAGE in Kanchipuram?

The village panchayat selected a holistic vision on a different of activities, with community groups accountable for several aspects of the village business and social scaling.

Significance on community-based entities such as youth clubs, women’s thrift groups, and milk dairy society.

The village panchayat also absorbed on family planning and reforestation, for that awareness events and pilot programs were randomly conducted.

The Kanchipuram village gram sabha started a watershed enlargement program. An annual water audit is being organized in the village for enough efficient and fair and impartial management of water uses. It has even shared to maximum farm profit.

A project that incurs cost a penny or two is of trouble. Something of this odor of central or state funding and that should gain few very talented guys. The project costs will alter within states. Also few states will offer you whole backing whereas the rest run obstruction. Look at these villages of kanchipuram district where the development is essential

Adhanur Nandambakkam
Agaramthen Nandimedu
Akkamapuram Nanmangalam
Alagoor Nariyambakkam
Alandur Nattarasampattu
Amarambedu Navalur
Anakaputhur Neelamangalam
Arambakkam Neelankarai
Araneri Nemili
Arasankalani O.M.Mangalam
Athanancheri Oddankaranai
Ayakolathur Oggiyamduraipakkam
Ayyappanthangal Oragadam
Chinnapanicheri Orathur
Chitlapakkam Ottiambakkam
Cowl Bazaar Padappai
Echoor Padervadi
Edayarpakkam Padicheri
Ekanapuram Palavakkam
Elimiyankottur Pallavaram
Erivakkam Pallikaranai
Erumaiyur Pammal
Ettikuthimedu Panaiyyur
Ezhichur Panapakkam
Gerugambakkam Panrutti
Gunagarambakkam Pappankuli
Gunduperumbedu Paraniputhur
Injambakkam Pazhanthandalam
Irandankattalai Peerkankaranai
Irumbedu Pennalur
Irungattukottai Perinjambakkam
Irungulam Periyapanicheri
Jalladiampet Perumbakkam
Jambodai Perungalathur
Kadaperi Perungudi
Kaduvancheri Pichivakkam
Kanchivakkam Pillaipakkam
Kandamangalam Podavur
Kandivakkam Polichalur
Kandur Pondur
Kannanthangal Poondi
Kappankottur Poonthandalam
Karanaithangal Puducheri
Karapakkam Puduppair
Karasangal Puzhithivakkam
Karunakaracheri Ramanujapuram
Kasbapuram Salamangalam
Katrambakkam Santhavelur
Kattupakkam Selvazhimangalam
Kavanur Sembakkam
Keelakalani Semmanjeri
Keeranallur Sendamangalam
Kiloy Sengadu
Kodamanallur Sennakuppam
Kodangacheri Serapanacheri
Koilambakkam Sethupattu
Kolapakkam Sholinganallur
Kolathur Sikkarayapuram
Kolathuvancheri Singilipadi
Kollacheri Sirukalathur
Koothavakkam Sirukiloy
Korukkanthangal Sirumangadu
Kottivakkam Sirumathur
Kottur Siruvanjur
Kovilancheri Sittalapakkam
Kovur Sivankoodal
Kozhumanivakkam Sivapuram
Kundrathur Sogandi
Kunnam Somangalam
Kuthanur Srinivasapuram
Madambakkam Sriperumbudur
Madanandapuram St.Thomas Mount-cum-Pallavaram
Madippakkam Tambaram
Maduramangalam Thandalam
Madurapakkam Tharapakkam
Mahadevimangalam Tharavur
Mahanyam Thelliaragaram
Mahanyam (RF) Thirumangalam
Malaipattu Thirumudivakkam
Malayambakkam Thiruneermalai
Mambakkam Thulasapuram
Manapakkam Thundalkalani
Mangadu Umayalparamancheri
Manimangalam Vadakkupattu
Mannur Vadamangalam
Mathur Vadamelpakkam
Medavakkam Vadekkal
Meenambakkam Vaipoor
Melmaduramangalam Valarpuram
Mettupalayam Valathancheri
Mevalurkuppam Valayakaranai
Molachur Vallam
Moolacheri Varadharajapuram
Mowlivakkam Vattambakkam
Mudichur Vellarai
Mugalivakkam Vellerithangal
Naduveerapattu Vengadu
Nallamperumbedu Venjuvancheri
Nallur Vittavidagai

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