More Industries in Thiruvallur District Villages

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More Industries in Thiruvallur District Villages

5,000 people of village are decreed by only wise though there are villages in with just 1000 or fewer residents. These are called bunch of villages with a federal village is mandatory. Unless otherwise the critical needs are met there are no villages that sustain or grow. All people should step far from the unique wisdom of father of our nation and dig in Indian and international technology and medicine. Health care, hygiene & education are the three critical things a village should commit.

Village Panchayat in Thiruvallur

Any superior panchayat is necessary for a village to grow. It is that which take judgments and apply them. The village panchayat manages the assets and the financial strength of the village.

Village Co-Operative in Thiruvallur

Village Co-operative societies part a significant role in the development of rural sector. Co-operatives offer credit to the farming planters who needed the most. IN India, almost 97% of the villages use this with few by its affiliates and by the government. There are fall of impulse due which several co-ops are mismanaged. No need of any discussion over that. Instead having abundant female attendance in village co-operatives will work out. Only the determined or fixed man can handle building a village rather than any one man.

Power & Water in Thiruvallur Villages

Power & Water are the main aspects of any village. All the villages in the country are getting electrified nowadays on a fast basis. But we shouldn’t miss the solar power for rural areas that which shapes villages in fields of irrigation & regional needs. Great priority is required for irrigation as it will ease the local wants. Farming makes life of villages through irrigation and ultimately the farming booms.

Village Health Care in Thiruvallur

Sri Lanka has adopting presenting the biggest critical health care diagonally its villages which India had failed. The adjoin cities serve the critical medical for 60-70% of villagers. Villages need at least 1-2 man doctor’s offices to commence with, stretching to mid-size nursing homes.

Hygiene in Thiruvallur Villages

Public toilets are necessary in case one house one toilet not viable. Health and hygiene are inextricable anytime.

Village Education in Thiruvallur

Education in India is tracked to illiteracy diagonally the villages. There are overcrowded schools, short of primary schools, low attendance, in few villages diagonally Arunachal Pradesh, Bihar, and Uttar Pradesh. It’s mostly tough to make parents to have their brood educated.

Village Infrastructure in Thiruvallur

Roads are one among the infrastructural that gives accessibility to urban centers and travel to other villages. Make the online programs for villages as it will be window to the world.

Banks & Post Offices in Thiruvallur Villages

It is only Banks, and Post offices of the federal government which can make the Indian Post Payment Bank. Up on starting next year will give substantial impact on villages. The dept. is likely to fix 5,000 ATMs all around the country. The Ayushman Bharat of third party insurance is also to be set up the bank. IPPB will make payments easy to central and state governments and of municipal dues and debts of schools and institutions. The business execution of the projects will be radical in a village if such a facility set. In order to get this done equally the central and state level government should get into commitment.

Caste System in Thiruvallur Villages

Caste obstacle is another tough task to tear the caste. There are very little villages in India that are not so far from each other rather than at a stone’s throw. They are named as ghetto and who cannot use the core facilities of the annexed village. Sometime can’t even enter it. Only a detour is encouraged in order to move to another place. Some ghetto village people are not allowed in social activities held in Hindu temples.

Thiruvallur Village Model

Diverse type of activities to be looked a holistic focus by the village panchayat along with neighborhood groups so that the many aspects of the village economy and social development touched. Women’s thrift groups, milk dairy society & youth clubs like neighborhood-based units to be emphasized. Several awareness agendas need to be impelled continuously for family planning and reforestation by the village panchayat. The watershed development program is commenced by the village gram sabha. The once a year water appraisal is being organized in the village for fair efficient and equitable controlling of water resources thus contributing to higher farm yield. A small budget project built creates trouble a lot. A project funded by federal or state government earns very ambitious guys. The project costs vary from state to state with few giving full backing and on the other hand some run obstruction.

Adambakkam Mangavaram
Agaram Mangodu
Aladu Marambedu
Alamathi Marattoor
Amirthamangalam Medhipalayam
Amoor Medur
Andarmadam Melakalani
Andavoyal Melmudalambedu
Angadu Minjur
Annamalaicheri Mukkarambakkam
Annappa Naickankuppam Naidukuppam
Anuppampattu Nallur
Appalavaram Nalur
Appavaram Nandiambakkam
Arambakkam Nangapallam
Arani Narasingapuram
Arasur Natham
Arumandai Nayur
Asanabudur Neithavayal
Athamanjeri Nelvoy
Athipattu Nemalur
Athur (I) Nerkundram
Attanthangal New Erumaivettipalayam
Authupakkam Obasamudram
Avoor Old Erumaivettipalayam
Avurivakkam Orakkadu
Ayanallur Padianallur
Bandikavanoor Pakkam
Budur Palavakkam
Chedilpakkam Palayambakkam
Chinnakavanam Paleswaram
Chinnambedu Paleswarankandigai
Chinnamullaivoyal Pallavada
Chinnaobulapuram Panapakkam
Chinnapuliyur Panchalai
Chinnasozhiambakkam Panjetty
Chithoornatham Pappankuppam
Devadanam Paranambedu
Devambattu Peddikuppam
Durainallur Peravallur
Edayanchavadi Peria Soliambakkam
Edur Peria obulapuram
Egumadurai Periakarumbur
Eguvarpalayam Periapuliyur
Elaimbedu Periaveppathur
Elavur Periyamullaivoyal
Enadhimelpakkam Perumbedu
Eripillaikuppam Perungavoor
Ernavakkam Pondavakkam
Erukkuvoy Ponneri
Getnamallee Poongulam
Guduvanjeri Poovalai
Gummidipoondi Poovalambedu
Ilupakkam Poovami
Injur Pudugummidipundi
Jaganathapuram Pudupakkam
Kadamanjeri Pudupalayam
Kadapakkam Puduvoyal
Kalanji Pulicut
Kallur Puzhuthivakkam
Kalpakkam Rettambedu
Kanagavallipuram Sanaputhur
Kanavanthurai Seemapuram
Kandigai Sekkanjeri
Kanganimedu Seliambedu
Kaniambakkam Sembilivaram
Kanlur Senganyam
Kannambakkam Sennavaram
Kannankottai Sepedu
Karadipudur Sevittupanapakkam
Karani Sholavaram
Karanodai Sinthalakuppam
Karumbukuppam Sirulapakkam
Karungali Sirulapooncheri
Kattavur Siruniam
Kattoor Sirupazhaverkadu
Kattupalli Sirupulalpettai
Keelameni Siruvada
Keerapakkam Somanjeri
Kilikodi Sombattu
Kilmudalambedu Soorapattu
Kodipallam Soorapundi
Kollanur Sothuperumbedu
Kolur Sunnambukkulam
Kumaranjeri Thadaperumbakkam
Kumarasirulapakkam Thandalacheri
Kummamur Thangalperumbalam
Kuriviagaram Thatchoor
Kuruvattucheri Thathamanji
Lingapayampettai Theruali
Madaharpakkam Thervoy
Madhavaram Thinaipakkam
Madiyur Thirunilai
Mafaskanpet Thurapallam
Malliankuppam Vaniamallee
Manali Varnasikuppam
Manellore Vazhuthalambedu
Mangalam Venkuzhi

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