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Mizoram Villages

Mizoram is the youngest states in the country located in the north-eastern part of India. Mizoram conceived as the twenty-third state of the Indian Union on 29.2.1987. Mizoram is perched like a single sentinel on the tip of the northeastern border of India. Mizoram is lies between Burma on the east & south, Bangladesh and Tripura in the west and Assam and Manipur to the north.

Mizoram, mostly a Christian populated state, is headed the southernmost tip of the North-Eastern states, parting borders with Manipur, Assam, Tripura then jutting down from Myanmar and Bangladesh. Lushai Hill District was the name provided by the British. It was section of the state of Assam until it turned as a Union Territory in 1972. Post it was renamed Mizoram.

Mizoram is a land of the Highlanders, placed in the north east corner of India. The hills with an average height of 900 meters, travel in ridges between north and south. These height hills are sliced apart by rivers making deep gorges.

Mizoram has a chilling climate. It is usually cool in summer and not very cold in winter. The whole area is under the straight influence of the monsoon with very heavy rains from May to September. Winter is rain-free and is very enjoyable; the skies are beautifully blue, and the morning mist shaped between the hills provides an enchanting view of broad stretches of a vast lake of cloud.