Mercury also killed five people, 12-year-old brain dead child

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The pain of losing someone forever is unbearable. Often we get drowned in this pain so that we do not remember anything. But there are some people who think of saving others’ life even during this pain. One such example is presented by Illapa Shantaram Aureet. Who, after losing his mother and two children in road accident, survived the death of 12-year-old daughter and saved five lives.

Illappa told that he was going to Pune with the whole family from the car. While driving the car suddenly saw the driver’s eye, due to which the car fell unconscious and fell into the trench. In this accident, the driver died on the death of a son and mother of Illappa, while he himself, wife and 12 year old daughter were injured. In a critical condition, daughter was admitted to Pune’s hospital for treatment but due to bad health, she was referred to the Kohinoor Hospital in Mumbai.

After 8 days of treatment in the hospital, the doctors declared IllaPa’s daughter brain dead . After which doctors suggested him to save the lives of other people by donating his or her body parts if he wishes. Taking this suggestion seriously, Illappa took the decision of daughter’s body. Five people have got a new life from their daughter’s kidneys, liver, heart and lungs.