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Meghalaya Villages

Meghalaya is one among the nation’s newest states with its capital city at Shillong. For many years a summer retreat of the British, the wonderfully kept golf course and lot of English country cottages testify to one more influence apart from the domestic one. Wonderful lakes and falls, mountain cottages, a big university, and the famous Bara Bazar are quaint aspects of this town.

The Meghalayan Panorama has each bit been designed out by the arms of nature and no one can make better than the Creator Himself. Nature has showered her blessings with more rainfall, cheering sun-shine, dark virgin forests, vertical plateaus, tumbling waterfalls, clean rivers, dreamy streamlets

Shillong is where the place, the people and the weather all join to make an environment to make Shillong an ultimate holiday resort all over the year. Cherrapunji, the wettest place on planet is just 56 kms away from Shillong. Shad Sukmynsiem means dance with joyful heart. It is a thanks giving event, conducted in Shillong during the month of April annually.

The Places Of Interest here in meghalaya are Meghalaya State Museum, Lady Hydari Park & Mini Zoo, Ward Lake, Botanical Garden & Museum, Crinoline Falls & Swimming Pool, Elephanta Falls, Arunachal Pradesh Museum, Wei Tdem (Sweet Falls), Shillong Peak, Iewduh Bara Bazar, Butterfly Museum, Bishop & Beadon Falls, Shillong Golf Course, Polo Grounds, Umian Lake.