Meghalaya State General Assembly Election 2018 Schedule, Voters, Party Candidates List

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Meghalaya State General Assembly Election 2018 Schedule, Voters, Party Candidates List:

The Election Commission of India ECI had recently released an notification regarding the upcoming General Assembly Election 2018 to the Legislative Assembly of Meghalaya state in India.

The terms of the Legislative Assembly of Meghalaya state is to be expired on 6th March 2018 and hence the Election Commission of India had planned for the General Election 2018.

Meghalaya Assembly Election 2018:

In the Meghalaya state there are totally 60 assembly constituencies which includes 55 seats reserved for STs.

As per the latest electoral rolls released on 1st January 2018 there are totally 18,30,104 electors in the state of Meghalaya and there are about 3082 polling stations in 2018.

Meghalaya General Election 2018 Schedule:

Gazette Notification release date: 31st January 2018, Wednesday
Nomination Last Date: 7th February 2018, Wednesday
Scrutiny of Nominations date: 8th February 2018, Thursday
Withdrawal of candidatures last date: 12th February 2018, Monday
Polling Date: 27th February 2018, Tuesday
Counting of Votes: 3rd March 2018, Saturday

Meghalaya Assembly Constituencies List:
1-Nartiang (ST)
2-Jowai (ST)
3-Raliang (ST)
4-Mowkaiaw (ST)
5-Sutnga Saipung (ST)
6-Khliehriat (ST)
7-Amlarem (ST)
8-Mawhati (ST)
9-Nongpoh (ST)
10-Jirang (ST)
11-Umsning (ST)
12-Umroi (ST)
13-Mawrengkneng (ST)
14-Pynthorumkhrah (GEN)
15-Mawlai (ST)
16-East-Shillong (ST)
17-North-Shillong (ST)
18-West-Shillong (GEN)
19-South-Shillong (GEN)
20-Mylliem (ST)
21-Nongthymmai (ST)
22-Nongkrem (ST)
23-Sohiong (ST)
24-Mawphlang (ST)
25-Mawsynram (ST)
26-Shella (ST)
27-Pynursla (ST)
28-Sohra (ST)
29-Mawkynrew (ST)
30-Mairang (ST)
31-Mawthadraishan (ST)
32-Nongstoin (ST)
33-Rambrai Jyrngam (ST)
34-Mawshynrut (ST)
35-Ranikor (ST)
36-Mawkyrwat (ST)
37-Kharkutta (ST)
38-Mendipathar (ST)
39-Resubelpara (ST)
40-Bajengdoba (ST)
41-Songsak (ST)
42-Rongjeng (ST)
43-Willamnagar (ST)
44-Raksamgre (ST)
45-Tikrikilla (ST)
46-Phulbari (GEN)
47-Rajabala (GEN)
48-Selsella (ST)
49-Dadenggre (ST)
50-North Tura (ST)
51-South Tura (ST)
52-Rangsakona (ST)
53-Ampathi (ST)
54-Mahendraganj (ST)
55-Salmanpara (ST)
56-Gambegre (ST)
57-Dalu (ST)
58-Rongara Siju (ST)
59-Chokpot (ST)
60-Baghmara (ST)


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