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Manipur Villages


The lush green state of Manipur, & Imphal its capital, has everything fine, merged, tints of a water colour. Faiths & traditions and life styles looked to flow into each other with a softcornered grace so that it is highly not possible to aware where one ends and the other starts. The Manipur valley is hydrogenised by rivers entering out of the dark, mist-caped, ranges. Shiny vegetative fields expand all the route to the distant. Like the Nair female of Kerala the women of Manipur are coached in the fierce local Martial art called Thang-ta. Both the men & women are worn in black and they wield their swords such as slicing, flashing, propellers, and when their swords hits, sparks fly. In noted contrast, is the delicate, marionette-like, Manipuri dance. The dances recommend the association between the dancers and their Divine Master, Lord Krishna. The principal deity here is shaped out of a jackfruit tree in call to a dream which Rajarshi Bhagyachandra had in the eighteenth century. Ancient forms of worship, however, remain to exist in the veneration of forest deities called Umang Lais. Imphal presents a fascinating insight into an archetypal Indian trend.

The Nearest airport, railway, and bus stand is Dimapur. Imphal, the capital city of the easternmost state of Manipur, is the middle of all cultural, business and political connections. Manipur, famously known as the “land of jewels” breaks up naturally into 2 sides – the hills and the plains. The inhabitants of these 2 zones have their own distinctive dialects, customs & tribal costumes. Shri Govindjee Temple is a historic venue for Vaishnavites. The Manipur State Museum has a quiet good show of Manipur’s tribal heritage and a collection of portraits of Manipur’s ancient rulers. In the center of the town, and in fields presently engaged by the para-military forces for their training, there are aspiring ruins of an old fortress wall and a palace.

Though tiny in region, Manipur is pious in its culture, traditions, festivals, dances, events, handlooms and handicrafts.