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Maharashtra Villages

Maharashtra is the 3rd largest state and the 2nd most populous state in India. Maharashtra is brimming with an array of colorful shrines; a prominent collection of caves; golden beaches queued with swaying palm trees; historic places with strong past link; and oodles of emerald mountain stations under the canopy of lush west ghats. With an incredible mixture of all, there’s is no better place to head for a holiday in India than Maharashtra. The state is majorily called for its old Ellora and Ajanta caves, and pilgrim locations. Freeze a holiday in Maharashtra to evidence the dazzling range of work, wonderful landscapes and years of history.

The capital of Mumbai lies in Western India. Feel the art from the past; slip in the madding rush; gone drenched in the luscious colors of its hill station; go crazy on the capsizing waves; feel the iconic attractions of India – make all these and much more on a trip to the state of Maharashtra.