Maharashtra Smart Ration Card 2018-How To Register & Application Form, Status

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Maharashtra Smart Ration Card 2018:

The Maharashtra Smart Ration card is the future of ration cards which takes it a notch up by adding some technological enhancements into it. It is a move to make the use of ration cards much easier for people.

There had been a great change in the system so as to ensure that the benefit reaches the right person and the government is still trying to use innovative ideas to ensure that the is now misuse of the government schemes.

Smart Ration Card:

The digital card which will contain your address, your full name, the photograph of the head of your family and such details. It will also contain within it the details of the other members of the family.

Its make the system of purchasing ration more convenient for each household as the system will get digitized. It will also make it easier for the government to check corruption.

Eligibility Criteria To Apply Smart Ration Card:

Family having annual income up to Rs. 15,000/- having been included in IRDP List of 1997-98.

No members in the family should be a doctor or a lawyer or an architect or a
chartered accountant.

No members in the family should be a professional tax payer, a sales tax payer or an income tax payer or eligible to pay such tax.

Family should not posses residential telephone.

None of the family members should hold total two hectare rain fed or one hectare semi-irrigated or 1/2 hectare irrigated (double in drought prone talukas) land.

Documents Required:

PAN Card
Aadhaar card
Voter ID card
Family and family head photo
Resident certificate
Caste certificate

How To Apply Smart Ration Card:

First of all your go to the direct link and you can change your language as well as your comfortable.

After click the link then option called “Application for a new ration card” at the side of the page.

Click on “Application for a new ration card.” It will open a new page. This link is only for those who are registering for the first time.

Clicked on Form 1: Application for a new ration card” you can see that this opened a new link on a new tab called “Namuna 1.”

Take the pdf file This is your online form which you have to fill offline and submit at your nearest office.

Make sure that you affix a Rs. 2 court fee stamp when submitting the application form.

Check Status:

After completed the process you can view and check your status of your application by clicking the below links and give your ration card number.

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