Link Mobile & Aadhaar Number of Any Operator Via OTP

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UIDAI has recently made easy system to link Aadhaar number and mobile number from any telephone for telecom operator.

Lot of people and political persons have issued privacy concerns over the objections of linking Aadhaar with various services such as banking. The Aadhaar numbers and mobile numbers linking is made necessary for telecom services.

Previous the linking process was hard as it had moving to your service operator’s store or service centre and waiting in lengthy queues.

From today, one can call the number 14546 and adhere to the instructions of an Interactive Voice Response System to link your Aadhar & cellular number.

To finish the linking method, the subscriber required Aadhaar number and the viability to get an OTP from Aadhaar network.
The IVRS demand customer consent to access the Aadhaar database.

This way the misuse of Aadhaar database for opening illegal bank accounts or any other fraudulent activity is prevented.

Few people are claiming problem in utilizing this service as the OTP either won’t arrive at all or will post very late due to uidai’s overloaded requests.

Last year in 2017, the UIDAI granted the proposals to materialize latest modes such OTP for Aadhaar-based SIM re-verification of prevailing subscribers. Citizens with their hand set numbers already in UIDAI database could have these services from 1.12.2017 as per the Aadhaar-issuing body.

Aadhaar card holders could too choose for checking through operators’ mobile applications, or utilize the mAadhaar application on Android for it.

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