Launched Smart Ration Card in Kerala State- How To Apply BPL, APL, and Other Ration Cards

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Launched Smart Ration Card in Kerala State- How To Apply BPL, APL, and Other Ration Cards:

The ration card is an extremely useful official document that serves a number of purposes. The chief benefit of this card is that it enables you to obtain subsidies provided by the Government of Kerala, Civil Supplies, on food grain, Kerosene, LPG, etc. Further, the ration card also serves as an important identity proof enabling you to secure loans, buying and selling property and vehicles, etc.

thiruvananthapuram: the country’s first smart card, replacing the traditional printed ration cards, was launched in kerala on monday. union food minister shanta kumar inaugurated the project, to be implemented in four selected public distribution system outlets in the city in the first phase, by handing over the first smart card to a representative of the “smart ration shop”. he said multi- application smart cards would reduce the diversion of food grains from pds outlets to the open market.

Benefits of Ration card:

The ration card also serves, primarily, as the legal identity proof required by the Government authorities. Wherever you need a valid, legal document to establish your identity, the ration card serves the purpose.

Even when you buy property or apply for a new loan, it is mandatory to submit an address proof. This is where the Ration card will do the needful and help avoid unnecessary trouble. Further, when you apply for a new phone connection or maybe a passport or a PAN card, the Ration card will serve the purpose as your address proof.

Types of Ration Card:

The two principal types of cards that prevail in the state of Kerala are the ‘Priority’ or the Below Poverty Line (BPL) ration cards and the ‘Non-Priority’ or the Above Poverty Line (APL) cards. Further, there are also the ‘Antyodaya’ ration cards for the poorest of the families that cannot manage a stable income. This includes daily wage earners, old women, and men, laborers, etc.

Blue, Pink, and Red based on the family’s income levels. The Blue cards are issued to those below the poverty line C if all the documents are in place.

How To Apply New Ration Card:

The new Ration Card can be issued in one day if all the documents are in place.
Those who don’t have Internet access can approach the nearest Akshaya Centre
(link is external) for this service, which will also accept the forms.


Self-Declaration and Certificate from the Pradhan or the Ward Councilor in the
prescribed format.
Proof of date of birth- 10th pass certificate or your birth certificate will do.
Residence Proof in the form of Voter ID Card, PAN card, Passport, Driving
License, etc.
Head of the family’s passport sized photographs.


If you have a ration card, register into the website by entering the bar-code
number, which is on the last page of your card.Fill up the User details and submit the registration form.
An activation link will be displayed. Click on the ‘Activate Account’ button to activate the account.
Login to the website using the user id and password that you have entered in the registration form.
If you don’t have a ration card, three functions will be made available to you (Issue of new ration Card, Non Inclusion Certificate and Non Renewal Certificate)Click on the ‘New Application’ link.
Fill up the form with correct data.Upload all mandatory scanned documents only in pdf format with size less than 250 KB in the application.
Before submitting the form, verify all the data.
Submit the original documents, application printout and the application fees including the cost of the ration card to the Taluk Supply office (TSO) for verification and further proceedings.
You will receive a token number after accepting the application by TSO. You have to keep this token number for further follow up until you get your ration card.

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