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Karnataka Villages

The capital city of karnataka is Bengaluru is located at South Western Region of India where the people speaking Kannada, English, Hindi languages are found. The Religion practised are Jainism, Sikhism, Hinduism, Christianity, and Islam. The best time to see Karnataka are from November to April.

Karnataka with its vast history, rich tradition, and enriching culture is situated in the South-West region of India. The sophisticated province is popular for its cultural heritage, picturesque landscapes & cultural craftsmanship. To include, Karnataka is a thriving space of adventure and water sports tasks. One among the India’s most visited states, Karnataka has good for all, from serene landscapes to scrumptious food and fine art.

Traditionally diverse and historic Karnataka comprises a prestigious rank on the indian map. Showered with the presence of few of the great dynasties such as Rastrakutas, Hoysala, and Chalukyas, there are many heritage sites in the state of Karnataka, that are the best tourist attractions. A holiday in Karnataka is vacation amidst 100 years’ worth of history. It is a spiritual experience for the visitors to see the majestic monuments that vary from huge forts, artistic mausoleums, bustling cities to the temples.

Karnataka’s unmistakable devotional and religious flavor give a long lasting inspiration on every tourist. From the wonderful Jain temples to the revered monasteries, the state is a stretch of enlightenment for several spiritually inclined tourists. Festival celebrations in the state of Karnataka are an eccentric show of devotion, and passion.