Jammu and Kashmir Floods 2014 Latest News, Helpline Numbers

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Jammu and Kashmir Floods 2014 Latest News, Helpline Numbers:

Kashmir Floods 2014

The Kashmir region hit by heavy floods due to the torrential monsoon rains which happened in the month of September 2014 in India and also affected some places in Pakistan.

Many people had died both in India and Pakistan as a result of the floods and some villages had been submerged and bridges have been damaged.

The rescue team is in process and many people are being rescued from the floods with 23 aircraft, 29 helicopters, 205 columns of Indian Army and 244 boats as reported by Anil Goswami Home Secretary of India.

The main areas affected due to the floods are Jammu & Kashmir of India, Azad Kashmir, Gilgit-Baltistan, Punjab of Pakistan.

The affected peoples due to the floods are being issued with the tents, blankets, food, water and medicines.

The Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi had announced about offering 10 billion Rupees to the state Government due to the floods.

Jammu and Kashmir Floods Helpline Numbers:

  • Jammu and Kashmir House, New Delhi – 011 – 24611210, 24611108
  • Home Ministry’s Control Room, New Delhi – 011 – 23093054, 23092763, 23093564, 23092923, 23092885, 23093566, 23093563
  • Srinagar – 0194 – 2452138
  • Jammu – 0191 – 2560401
  • Jammu and Kashmir Government – 9419212447(SMS), 9419146662, 9419127343
  • NDRF Control Room, Delhi – 011-26107953, 09711077372

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