India Tourism: Top Ten Tourist Spots To Travel For New Year 2017

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Celebrating new year 2017 outside is most wished compared to celebrating the same at home. A lot of places are available to choose from the top 5 best location to celebrate new year 2017


The smallest state and the richest state in India is goa which is ranked the best placed state for its infrastructure and ranked top for the best quality of life in India after Chandigarh. Goa is the place visited by big numbers of foreign and domestic tourists every year for its exotic beaches, worship places & world heritage architecture also own rich flora & fauna.


2. Mumbai

Mumbai is the financial capital of India, is also deserved to be the entertainment hub of the nation. The city serves as a popular spot in India for its new year’s eve. Many places one can find special programs and events organized. It is often good to book your new year online tickets in advance as it will get house full. Some of the famous places to see for new year 2017 in Mumbai are Gateway of India, Juhu Beach, Marine Drive and lot more.


3. Diu

Diu is one of the union territory of India and called to be the best cities in the country. It is located close to the state of Gujarat and linked by road and air. The people here speak the language of Hindi, Gujarati, English and other. Regarded as the top most famous new year tourist spot in India. Diu spreads along a clean and wonderful beaches, the best hotels to preside for many attractions. The foreign travelers preferred to celebrate the new year’s eve.


4. Kerala

Kerala is popularly called as the “Gods own country”. It is also the 2nd most famous tourist destination in India after Goa. Kerala with several popular beaches to offer. English is the spoken language by the local residents. One cannot find any security reasons for women tourists, they can enjoy and tour hassle free in the entire state. One should not miss the the backwaters of Kerala.


5. Manali

Manali powers to be the best spot for new year’s eve destinations in India. India ranks Manali as the most popular tourist location in India. It owns a wonderful Kullu Valley, situated at 270 km from Shimla. The total people living in Manali is 31,000 and it comes under the Kullu district. Manali spreads along several wonderful mountains, roads & natural environment to ensure your new year’s eve the most unforgettable time.


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