How you do this after buying Reliance Jio 4G Hotspot?

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How you do this after buying Reliance Jio 4G Hotspot?

Do you want to increase it to your share of internet usage across the country? The 4G Hotspot device, Reliance Geo Geofiee, has been introduced as well as a home-based high-speed internet connection.

the newest Geo SIM in this device. Starting with your smartphone, high-speed 4G data can be used on other devices such as laptop, tablet and Wi-Fi. The most important feature of the Geofee device is that this device can provide internet access to up to ten devices simultaneously. Geoffie can deliver high-speed Internet access in places where you go without using the router. We will continue to see how to use the new Jio Device.

You need to have a Reliance Geo SIM card to use the Geofee device. If you do not have Jio SIM, you need to buy a new SIM.

You can see the SSIF (SSID) and password of the GeoPay device you purchase on the SIM tray on the device. It is necessary to connect the Geo SIM card to the Wibi network. You need to keep track of your SSID and password.

After charging, you will need to press the Power button of the Wireless HotSpot device just a few minutes later.

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