How Village Gram Panchayats Are Elected in Maharashtra State?

Maharashtra Gram Panchayats are the village level local bodies of the state of government of Maharashtra. Generally Gram Panchayats are the basis of the Panchayat Samiti System. The Gram Panchayat is the foundation of any maharashtra village formed by the villages with a population having over 5 hundred. In case of the villages with below five hundred population, then there exist a common Gram Panchayat system and are known as Group-Gram Panchayat.

The member of the gram panchayat are selected through direct election by the village people on the ground of adult member that is franchise by the Gram Sabha including the adult mass of the village. The elected member of Maharashtra Gram Panchayat remains for succeeding 5 years in the work of Gra Panchayat.

A candidate, who are aspired for Maharashtra Gram Panchayat Election should be atleast 21 years old. The lowest number of members elected is seven whereas the highest number is 17.

The Sarpanch or Chairperson is the highest role in the Gram Panchayat System.

The elected member of the Maharashtra Gram Panchayat for the people of village resembles as a Sarpanch and a Deputy Sarpanch for a term of 5 years. Almost all the places the panchayat president is straight away elected by village people.

The main function of the Sarpanch meetings of the Gram Panchayat and manages it’s working. Sarpanch materializes the village development schemes. The Deputy Sarpanch having power to do his own decisions, aids the Sarpanch in his work.

There are about 28,813 gram panchayat in Maharashtra. Thus there are totally 227241 members in Gram Panchayat in Maharashtra.

The new Act of maharashtra gram panchayat, deputy CEO are the chair person of the maharashtra gram panchayat samiti or system.


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