How to use smartphone Wifi connectivity in many devices

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How to use smartphone Wifi connectivity in many devices

There are many reasons why you do not use your WiFi connection on many devices. Many of us can use most of our Wi-Fi router at a time, or sometimes it may allow WiFi to be used when guests arrive. But anyway, it’s easy to use Wi-Fi with many tools using your phone.

your internet connection with a tool called HotSpot. But many of us are capable of offering only high-speed internet connection. So if you want to share Wi-Fi with a variety of tools, it’s not a hard task. You can share a Wi-Fi connection to a variety of devices, such as phone, laptop, computer, and tablet using the Bluetooth connectivity in your device. While connecting Wi-Fi in this way does not seem to be as fast as possible when connecting to WiFi connecting to WiFi, it is good to have a low speed internet connection than the internet connection.

main device that you want to share with your phone’s Wi-Fi connection is to do the following. Step # 1 You must first connect your phone to a WiFi network Step # 2 Then you can share Wi-Fi with Bluetooth by making some changes in your phone settings. Step # 3 Confirm Bluetooth on your phone and Wi-Fi connected devices. Go to the # 4 Network Galactic Internet and click on HotSpot & Tethering. Step 5: Turn on Bluetooth tethering. Then you need to turn on Bluetooth on your computer or laptop

wants to connect your computer to the Internet, please use the Bluetooth dongle. But if you’re using the laptop, it’s not a problem. Step # 1 Go to the settings section of your computer or laptop. Step # 2 Choose Devices & Printers (Devices & Printers). Step # 3 Go to the icon that represents your phone and right click. Step # 4 Click Connect there and select the exelpoint on the menu in it. This means that your mobile WiFi connection can easily be used in various devices such as computers or laptops.

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