How To Use Google Assistant On iPhone, Android Smartphone?

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How to use Google Assistant on iPhone, Android Smartphone?

In 2016, Google’s virtual assistant was introduced. This virtual assistant, known as Google Assistant, is similar to Smile, Gardina, and Alexa by rival companies such as Apple, Microsoft and Amazon. In the last few years, Google Assistant offers new features and new features to help users. Currently Google Assistant also offers Android, iOs operating system and Smart TV, refrigerator and smart speaker on IoT (Internet of Things) devices.

Not only the Church, Google can turn on / off the Assistant Lights, and enable Vime on / Off through the voice command. Let’s continue to see what to do with Google Assistant on your smartphone.

How to install Google Assistant?

Google Assistant has already been installed on most Android smartphones. If not installed, you can go to Google Play Store and download it. Apple iPhone or iPad users can download from their App Store.

How to set up Google Assistant

It’s very simple to set up Google Assistant service on your smartphone. Just. Set on Android platform: 1 – press the home button and activate Google Assistant. 2 – Click the Agree button to accept the terms. 3 – Activate the voice command and click on continue button and the next screen will open if you turn on the Google app. 4 – The Google Assistant will now answer your questions on your smartphone.

Set up on iPhone and iPad devices

1 – Open the Google Assistant processor. 2 – Follow the instructions in the process. 3 – Now you need to turn on the Ok Google Detection option. 4 – The next processor will call you ‘Ok Google’ and ‘Hey Google’ commands four times. 5 – Following the instructions given above, you can use the Google Assistant service with the ‘OK Google’ command.

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