How To Use BHIM Application Transfer (Send / Receive) Money?

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What is meant by Bharat Interface for Money in India?
Bharat Interface for Money is one such mobile application giving people a simple and fast payment transactions through UPI. Alike Wallets there is no need fill the bank account particulars repeatedly. One can just make direct bank to bank remittance and immediately pick money through this Mobile number or Payment address.

How quick is a transaction on Bharat Interface for Money?
Any payment over Bharat Interface for Money that is connected to your bank account the transaction are finished within few seconds.

Any cost incurred to use Bharat Interface for Money?
Absolutely there is no fee to make transaction via Bharat Interface for Money. However, a nominal charge called UPI / IMPS transfer fee from the bank side might be chargeable which is uncontrolled.

What is required to use Bharat Interface for Money?
The smartphones with android ver. 4.11. & above are suitable to use Bharat Interface for Money app and very soon other platforms will be covered.

Is BHIM app is comparable with any Mobile OS??
To begin utilizing Bharat Interface for Money one required is a Smartphone, online internet, an Indian bank account that interfaces UPI payments and mobile number associated to the bank account. Simply connect your bank account to UPI via the app.

Do one required to enable mobile banking on bank account to have Bharat Interface for Money?
There is no need to avail mobile banking for bank account to use Bharat Interface for Money rather than just the registration of mobile number with the Bank is sufficient.

Does one needs to be a bank customer of a specific bank to own Bharat Interface for Money?
To make transfers straight through your bank account, your bank requires to be online on UPI (Unified Payment Interface) platform.

How to fix the UPI-PIN for bank account from Bharat Interface for Money?
To set UPI PIN head to Main Menu – Bank Accounts – Set UPI-PIN for the chosen account. You will be asked to key in the last six digits of your Debit / ATM card and the expiry date. Then on to get an OTP (One Time password) that which should be entered to set UPI PIN. The UPI-PIN is different from MPIN given by the bank for mobile phone banking’.

Can one related any number of bank accounts with BHIM app?
Presently, Bharat Interface for Money enables to link just one Bank account only as the preferred bank account by default. Later incase of linking another bank account, should go to Main menu, select Bank Accounts and fix your default account. All money that is remitted to you through mobile number / payment address will be credited into your default account.

How does a mobile number with Bharat Interface for Money and registered one with bank account differ from?
This is only a banking network need. The phone number used to register with Bharat Interface for Money is for matching with the bank accounts linked against it.

Do one need to provide Bharat Interface for Money his / her bank account information?
During registration one will be giving us with the Debit card particulars and with that your mobile number is registered to the bank account, as it will pre-fetch the info from the bank. All the information exchange occurs over secure banking networks and there is no room for storage.

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