How to Use Apple’s New Shortcut Processor

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How to Use Apple’s New Shortcut Processor

The Apple introduced the Shortcodes processor in the 2018 developers event. This makes it possible to create shortcuts on the users’ IOS devices as a sort of automation processor. Shortcodes are an updated version of the current workflow processor that can be used with the user’s Apple device.

This allows users to create shortcuts and provide them with smiles by smile. Users with third-party applications can do this with Apple processors. Apple services and sets are offering a variety of new residents.

1 – Open the Workflow processor and create a new workflow first. 2 – You have to swipe through Action Options by Action Tools created by you. 3 – Click the Done button to save the changes you made.

How to Create Custom Commands for Smile Shortcuts 1 – First click on Siri & Search option on Setting Option. 2 – Search for a recently created workflow. This can be viewed in a recommended list, or More Shortcuts> Workflow Options. 3 – You have to register your command. 4 – To run the command you created, first Hey Siri can communicate with your command.

For example, you can follow the options below to make your home navigation, play music, increase brightness, and turn on the optional option. 1 – Open the Sharks processor and click on the option to create new shortcuts. 2 – Find the function you want to set up with the bar of the processor on the top of the processor and set it as shortcut. Here you have to choose Maps for Action, now you need to search for the Open App Open App and select the processor. 3 – You need to select the processor to open. Here you have to choose Google Maps. 4 – Next to music search and add it to shortcut. 5 – Looking for Brighton, then change the Pridnas size and then click on the Select Destination option. 6 – When adding all the actions in the shortcut processor click on the Done option. 7 – No more Add to Siri Screen. 8 – Here is the need to register your Shortcut command. 9 – In the future you can add your own icon to the shortcut. 10 – Now open the Syriac and inform your Shortcut command.

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