How to use an old mobile phone like CCTV?

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How to use an old mobile phone like CCTV?

Do you have an old smartphone while not being used in everyday life? They can be used to protect the house without putting them in vain. This is enough to make your smartphone work smoothly, without getting damaged

better protect old houses and protect your home. Let’s continue to see how old-fashioned smartphones can be used as a wireless security camera that always keeps the house safe. Smartphones can be camouflaged as a security camera and can be done in many cases free of charge Read more at:

You need to install a Security Camera Processor on your mobile phone. Most processors offer almost identical applications. You can keep track of your home or other places from anywhere in the smartphone by activating the processor.

When you’re done on smartphones, you have to fit the camera. The camera can be placed on the entrance door of the house, the back and your expensive items. IP camera can also be used to maintain the baby. Most mobile phones can fit various cameras for additional protection.

Smaller smartphone DryPot or Saxon Cup Car Mount will work better on camera. The smartphone can also include a wide angle lens with camera to extend the camera’s coverage.

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