How to turn off the Autoplay feature on the YouTube processor?

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How to turn off the Autoplay feature on the YouTube processor?

Everyone uses the Autoplay feature on the YouTube processor. With this feature you can play Youtube videos continuously.

users with Autoplay feature. This feature is provided on the Internet and on iOS devices, as it is provided on the desktop version. However, users do not have the option to turn off this feature. If you have an Autoplay feature off, you can follow the steps below.

Before YouTube Off the Featured Off: – The YouTube App Users need to make a new update (13.25.56). To update the processor: 1 – Go to Google Play Store and you need to make a YouTube App. 2 – Apply ‘Update’ button to the ‘Install’ option in the process. 3 – Click ‘Update’ button. This is the processor update.

Autoplay feature to turn off: 1 – You have to click on the YouTube task manager. 2 – Click on the application that appears on the top of the processor. 3 – Now click on Account and click on the Settings button. 4 – Next, click on the Autoplay option and the ‘Autoplay next video’ option should be turned off.

When this feature is turned off, videos will not automatically play automatically after watching YouTube video.

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