How To Set Proofs To Upload Aadhaar Card Correction Online?

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Well, one knows How To Correct Aadhaar Card Via Online Website? to the extent on typing without any typographical errors. Just hitting “submit update request” lets you to next page to attach enough proof of documents for the requisite documents. Here you can find how to set the documents legible for the data entry operator or aadhaar card proof verifying officer to understand the documents attached.

First only the scanned original (where ever possible) documents to be attached in the format of jpg limiting to 20 kb.

Secondly, the document-to-be attached should have mention of aadhaar card number, resident’s signature under the name declaring “Attested by”. Please ensure the signature is matching with the sign on the enrollment slip when enrolled.

Thirdly, affix specimen photo where in case of attached proof does not carry any photograph by default.

Finally, you can give remarks if any on the documents if you wish to make it clear and crystal.

As the aadhaar proof of documents may differ in size and number you may resize one or more documents as one single document and give directions where ever required.

However do not try to correct / amend the proof of documents to make it original as it may consequent in penal proceedings.

Give references of websites in case of voter id, ration card where the authority can access to public documents to validate to your document proofs.

Please do take copy of the submitted documents along with the generated URN request and follow it after a weeks time calling the toll free number 1947.

After skipping the recorded message reaching the telephone operator give the URN number to know the development. Subsequently the resident can speak to the Aadhaar BPO service provider (ageis / karvy) mentioned in the URN request.

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