How to send e-mails automatically in Gmail?

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How to send e-mails automatically in Gmail?

Several new features were added recently in Gmail, the popular email service of Google. It protects the user’s information and provides additional features for email senders.

Furthermore, the Confidential Mode (Confidential Mode) is included in the email service. Returns the privacy of email senders. This feature, which is most liked by most users, shows you how to operate and how to use it.

The Gmail site’s new Interface is also available on both Android and iOS platforms. The passcode set can be done to the most important emails that users send through new Confidential modes. This sets the validity date for it, and the email will be automatically erased on a specified date and time.

Additionally, emails sent to Confidential mode will not be able to download them, including download, coffee / paste, forward and print. However, it can be screenshot or photographed.

When the sine-in Gmail is open, the regular site opens, where users will have to click on Try New Gmail. By doing so, you can use various new features including the new Gmail site and Confidential mode. Users have to wait until the new interface is open for a while.

How to Send Email in Confidential Mode

Once the new Gmail interface is opened you have to do the following steps: First you need to click on the Compose button. * Turn on confidential mode (click on the turn on confidential mode) below the screen. This option contains the clock or lock icon. * The email must now complete the options that specify the date and time and password to be automatically deleted. It should be remembered that the attachment sent to this email can not be downloaded. * The pasco set should be done. If it’s not set, you can open the sender’s e-mail directly without a passthrough. Passcode will be sent by email to people who do not use Gmail. If the SMS passcode option is selected, the passcode will be sent to the email recipient. You must post the mobile number of email recipients here. You will need to click Save (Save) option.

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