How to secure MS WordWeb’s document password?

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How to secure MS WordWeb’s document password?

There can not be people who do not normally use Microsoft Word. But at the same time, the question about how to keep the document on the record is safe. At times, we will have to register the Word Document only for a few individuals. This MSWD 365 has many tulses for our security. Let’s see this now

Step 1: Open the MS Word Document first that you have decided to protect Step 2: Click on the file and then click on ‘Protocol Doc’ in the drop down menu Step 3: Click on the ‘Encrypt with Password’ feature Step 4: Thereafter, an encrypt talk function is open. You have to choose a password and register it. Your password will be safe and easy to guess. Click OK after the password is clicked Step 5: Once again click on the registered password and click OK Step 6: Save the document again and then close the document Step 7: Now if you open the same document, you will be asked to enter the password. If you register the password and then do it, then the document is open

Now let’s see what you need to do to delete the password you registered Step 1: Click File and then click on ‘Protocol Doc’ Step 2: Click on the ‘Encrypt with Password’ feature, which appears as a new window, which appears as your password points, then it’s telemed, and then doing OK, Step 3: If you save the document then your password will be removed. When you open the same document again the next time you open it without password.

One important thing is that you should be familiar with the password that you are registered in. Because if you forgot the password, there is no way to open that document. So you can lose your document. So it’s important that your password must be remembered in your mind. If you keep your password in a particular location, it will help you if you forget the future

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